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September 10, 2002

Health & Safety

MONTREAL, May 8 CNW/ – Sonomax Hearing Healthcare (CDNX:SHH) has entered a new phase of growth with the first implementations of the revolutionary SONOMAX SOLUTION(TM) hearing protection technology at major corporations in Canada.

As of today, SONOMAX SOLUTION(TM) hearing protectors have been custom-fitted by WMC Occupational Health Services at the sites of four major industrial clients. Another 17 companies will begin using the SONOMAX SOLUTION(TM) in coming weeks. WMC, Sonomax’s Canadian distributor, is Canada’s largest provider of mobile hearing testing and protection services for the industrial work place.

The world premiere on-site implementation of the SONOMAX SOLUTION(TM) took place at Deluxe Laboratories’ Toronto facilities. Deluxe’s film lab operations, located in Hollywood, Toronto, London and Rome, process over 4 billion feet of film each year for a worldwide customer base that includes Hollywood’s leading studios, independents, television and commercial filmmakers.

“Employee health and safety is our number one priority at Deluxe Laboratories,” said Deluxe Manager of Safety and Environmental Affairs, Declan Friel. “We support and welcome new advances in hearing protection such as the Sonomax hearing protection system.”

Northwest Airlines also leads the way in the aviation sector, with ground staff in Canada among the first to try the SONOMAX SOLUTION(TM). “Much of our work is in a loud environment on the ramp around aircraft,” said Anna Metcalfe, Regional Director for Canada, Northwest Airlines (NASDAQ:NWAC). “Our employees not only need to block out harmful noise, but need to be able to hear mission-critical sounds such as back-up alarms.”

Other implementations of the SONOMAX SOLUTION(TM) were also being conducted with select groups of workers at one of Canada’s largest international airports and at the Innova division of Supremex, a major commercial envelope and packaging manufacturer, in Mississauga, Ontario.

“The workers at our Mississauga site are exposed to high levels of noise from envelope-making machines,” said Maila Riddell, Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator at Supremex. “Protecting the hearing of our employees is a paramount concern and we are excited to be among the first to try the new state-of-the-art hearing protection from Sonomax.”

Customers at all these sites will provide comprehensive feedback to WMC and Sonomax on the performance of the SONOMAX SOLUTION(TM) in a wide variety of applications. Following the initial orders, WMC anticipates widespread deployment of the SONOMAX SOLUTION(TM) at the various sites.

“This is a landmark day for Sonomax as we move out of the lab and into the workplace with our first commercial shipments,” said Sonomax founder, President and COO Nick Laperle. “We are confident that workers will be very pleased with the performance and protection offered by the SONOMAX SOLUTION(TM).”

The SONOMAX SOLUTION(TM) in-ear hearing protectors are custom-fitted on site in minutes to provide an acoustic seal and quantifiable noise reduction. Once fitted, they are custom-calibrated on the spot to provide exactly the right amount of noise reduction for the environment in which they will be used. The high-tech fitting and calibration are made possible by Sonomax’s proprietary software, SONO-PASS(TM).

“We are very excited to be working with Sonomax to bring the SONOMAX SOLUTION(TM) to our customers,” said Robert Oswald, Vice President of WMC. “This is a new tool that we can offer workers in the fight against hazardous workplace noise.

“We were very impressed with the ease and speed of fitting workers with the SONOMAX SOLUTION(TM),” said Oswald. “Within minutes, workers were equipped with hearing protectors customized for a perfect fit and calibrated to achieve the precise level of noise reduction required for their work environment.”


For 50 years, WMC has been providing a comprehensive range of medical support and services to help companies manage medical issues and control costs. Through its Hearing Conservation Consultants Division, it administers and supports hearing conservation programs for over 75,000 public and private sector workers. WMC has a client list including several Fortune 500 companies.


Sonomax Hearing Healthcare Inc. (www.sonomax.com) is dedicated to lowering the incidence of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) by developing and marketing leading-edge hearing protection products, and by working to raise public awareness of the unacceptable costs of NIHL.

The company is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. THE SONOMAX SOLUTION(TM) consists of hearing protectors custom-fitted at the workplace “in minutes”. In addition, Sonomax plugs are individually calibrated to screen out toxic noise while permitting communication.

Sonomax’s breakthrough proprietary support software, SONO-PASS(TM), provides objective proof of the attenuation levels achieved. The Canadian Venture Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.


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