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September 10, 2002

Health & Safety

Montreal, Quebec: (June, 2002) North Safety Products is introducing the CFR-1, a particulate respirator that will give workers, not only added comfort and protection, but also a better value than traditional disposable dust masks.

Reusable half mask

The CFR-1 combines a reusable half mask with formed, disposable filters. The reusable elastomer facepiece is comfortable and provides an excellent sealing surface. The disposable filters do not come in contact with the face, protecting them from sweat and moisture which extends their useful life. Where ordinary dust masks are changed several times a day, the filter in the CFR-1 will normally last the entire day. The result is a comfortable fitting, excellent performing, cost effective particulate respirator.

The CFR-1 features a built in exhalation valve to remove exhaled air for cooler and easier breathing and an inhalation valve to keep the filter dry and allow the user to perform a positive pressure seal check. It has an adjustable harness system to ensure a comfortable and secure fit and a parking mechanism, so the respirator can be worn around the users neck when it is not needed. The CFR-1 comes in three sizes and is available with low cost N95 disposable filters to fit a wide range of applications. A P95 filter will be available later this year.

Welding version available

There is also a welding version of the CFR-1. Designed for the serious welder, the CFR-1 Welding respirator has a stainless steel metal mesh cover that will protect the filter from heat, sparks and slag. Its low profile design fits under a welding helmet and/or face shield. The low cost replacement filters make this an excellent value when compared to expensive disposable welding respirators.

Safety professionals, workers and purchasing managers consulted

North Safety Products designed the CFR-1 following extensive research with groups of workers, safety professionals and purchasing managers. Workers requested comfort and performance, safety professionals wanted added protection, as well as, worker acceptance. Purchasing managers were looking to reduce inventory and cut costs. “We developed a product to meet the needs of all three groups. No longer is there a compromise between comfort, protection and value.” said Claude Roberge, President of North Safety Products in Canada.

North Safetys CFR-1 particulate respirators are approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

For more information, readers can contact North Safety Products Customer Service at 877-956-6784 or visit the CFR-1 web site at www.northcfr-1.com.


North Safety Products, one of the worlds largest manufacturers of occupational health and safety products, offers a full range of quality personal protection equipment, including head, hearing, eye/face, respiratory, hand and fall protection, lockout/tagout, protective footwear, first aid, controlled environment, and traffic safety products.

Product photos (TIFF files) available from Mark Baker mbaker@northsafety.ca


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