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Despite efforts to improve workplace environment, companies grow unsure if what they are doing to help is enough. Resident expert Bill Howatt looks into the growing problem. Read: http://ow.ly/WH7u50JcmIk

Roadcheck campaign focuses on public safety in Alberta. The Sheriff Highway Patrol is increasing commercial vehicle inspections during a three-day safety campaign held across North America. https://www.ohscanada.com/alberta-sheriffs-checking-commercial-vehicles-during-three-day-safety-blitz/ #OHS #Roadcheck #safety

There could be something very bad lurking in your water/ Employers must implement controls and monitor systems to prevent bacteria growth . Alexandra Skinner from @WorkSafeBC takes a look in the latest issue of OHS Canada https://www.ohscanada.com/features/there-could-be-something-very-bad-lurking-in-your-water/ #OHS #WaterQuality