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Families of two Edmonton police officers killed in line of duty will get $100,000 from Heroes’ Fund, Alberta premier says https://www.ohscanada.com/slain-officers-families-will-get-100000-from-heroes-fund-alberta-premier-says/ #OHS #FirstResponders #HeroesinLife

‘I’m pissed off:’ The rise and fall of Canada’s domestic PPE market https://www.ohscanada.com/im-pissed-off-the-rise-and-fall-of-canadas-domestic-ppe-market/ #OHS #N95 #PPE

Ontario plans to require women only bathrooms on large construction sites, expected to address requirement for properly fitted PPE for women and people with diverse body types https://www.ohscanada.com/ontario-plans-to-require-women-only-bathrooms-on-large-construction-sites/ #OHS #PPEforWomen