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Saskatchewan has introduced legislation to make it clear that any unwelcome action of a sexual nature constitutes harassment.

If passed, Saskatchewan would become 1 of 5 provinces to specifically reference sexual harassment in its employment act. #SKpoli https://www.ohscanada.com/features/this-will-always-be-a-fight-women-push-for-changes-to-saskatchewan-labour-law/

Police and the operator of a prominent regional commuter service say a worker was killed east of Toronto after being pinned under a rail car on Saturday evening. #Fatality


The investment will help scientists identify and track occurrences of workplace cancer and exposure to harmful substances, research the causes of workplace cancer, and ultimately help improve the recognition of occupational illnesses in Ontario. #ONpoli https://www.ohscanada.com/ontario-investing-6-million-to-prevent-work-related-cancers/