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September 10, 2002

Health & Safety

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Companies throughout North America are obliged by federal, provincial, territorial and/or state, Health and Safety Regulations to provide safe working environments for their workers including those who are required work alone, in isolation or in hazardous environments. Monitoring the status and location of these workers and providing assistance to them when required due to accident or violence in the workplace, is a crucial element of these requirements.

SafetyLine is a new, integrated worker monitoring system which has been designed to automate the process of checking the status of employees working alone or in isolation without the cost and other drawbacks of using a manual call center. Using simple telephone and/or wireless technology with a standard computer workstation, SafetyLine is set up to instantly identify an emergency situation. At the same time, the system has been configured to guide response personnel through step-by-step emergency protocols.

Levitt-Safety Ltd. now offers the SafetyLine automated worker safety monitoring service to all of its customers in the industrial health and safety sector. This includes those in the utility sector, as well as pulp and paper operations, oil and gas companies, and many other industrial enterprises dependant in part on the services of a dispersed or otherwise vulnerable workforce.

Several leading utilities have already subscribed to the SafetyLine monitoring service including BC Gas and Hydro One. SafetyLine represents an extremely affordable and effective method for companies to monitor the status of their workforce in the field. As the system is scaleable it is entirely suitable for nearly any kind of organization whether small or large. SafetyLine also automates the reporting process thereby ensuring that no worker in need of assistance will be forgotten.

SafetyLine represents the most cost effective and reliable method for monitoring remote workers as well as providing peace of mind to employees required to work off site or in isolation. In addition to assisting your organization in complying with working alone regulations it can also help in pinpointing worker location in the case of a potential or real emergency. The system is also compatible with virtually kind of communications, telecommunications or network technology. To find out how SafetyLine and Levitt-Safety can help solve your working alone problems, visit us at www.levitt-safety.com or phone our toll free number: 1-888-453-8488.


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