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HEMCO introduces flexible Softwall Clean Rooms engineered to meet ISO standards

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October 23, 2023
By OHS Canada

Photo: HEMCO

Softwall Clean Rooms from HEMCO, specifically engineered to meet ISO 5 to ISO 8 standards, are introducing increased flexibility into the controlled environments necessary for sensitive work in industries such as healthcare, technology, and manufacturing, according to the manufacturer.

These units are unique in their capacity to be placed directly over existing equipment, offering the added benefit of mobility via optional casters, it said.

Constructed with aircraft anodized aluminum, the structural framework is both durable and lightweight. Surrounding the unit are clear vinyl curtains, available in either strip or solid formats, depending on the desired level of access restriction. These curtains come in clear or opaque white vinyl to suit different operational needs.

In a move to enhance air quality control, Softwall Clean Rooms come equipped with fan-powered HEPA filter modules. These modules have built-in power cords and speed controls and are capable of operating on either 115v or 220v power sources.

Fluorescent lighting modules and blank ceiling tiles are strategically placed within a ceiling grid system to further complement the work environment. For businesses looking to up their contamination control, optional entry airlocks can also be incorporated into the unit’s design.


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