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blog Health & Safety Legislation
January 12, 2021  

Looking back on the year that was in OH&S law

News Health & Safety Human Resources Legislation
January 4, 2021  

New legislation now in effect meant to create healthier, safer workplaces

feature Health & Safety Legislation
December 30, 2020  

Ontario court says ‘wisdom and efficacy’ of lockdown rules ‘open to question’

News Legislation Workers Compensation
December 9, 2020  

Proposed legislation will protect Ontario employers from unexpected WSIB increases 

blog Health & Safety Human Resources Legislation
December 3, 2020  

Is it a work refusal or job-protected leave?

News Health & Safety Legislation
November 26, 2020  

Ontario law to end clock changes will take effect if Quebec, New York follow

blog Health & Safety Legislation
November 23, 2020  

When should the pandemic work-from-home conclude?

blog Health & Safety Legislation
November 16, 2020  

Alberta braces for further changes to OH&S legislation

feature Health & Safety Human Resources Legislation
November 16, 2020  

Fired migrant worker wins labour case against Ontario farm

blog Health & Safety Legislation
November 9, 2020  

Defibrillators will soon be required on Ontario public premises

feature Health & Safety Legislation
October 21, 2020  

Ontario to provide COVID-19 liability protection to those making ‘honest effort’

News Legislation Transportation
September 29, 2020  

New California law prompted by crash that killed Kobe Bryant

feature Health & Safety Legislation
September 28, 2020  

Pre-entry COVID-19 screening now mandatory for Ontario workplaces

blog Health & Safety Legislation
September 21, 2020  

Steps on making the return to work safe

News Human Resources Legislation
August 26, 2020  

Ontario releases new COVID-19 guidance to manage school outbreaks

News Health & Safety Legislation
August 17, 2020  

Quebec students push for law to stop sexual violence in schools