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Safety Gear

April 1, 2010  

Hunt and Gather

Leaving worker safety to chance in environments where spills are possible is not an option. For those tasked with clean-up and containment — whether a spill is as simple as an oil drip from a machine…

March 1, 2010  

Lock Down On Safety

It’s fair to say many, if not most, people have heard of the so-called “Tylenol murders” in Chicago that claimed several lives three decades ago.

January 1, 2010  

From Bottom To Top

Brian Lane remembers being taken aback after entering a bakery in British Columbia.

December 1, 2009  

Hands-Down Protection

If safety gloves were ships, the main message would likely be “steady as she goes.” While no great new wave looks to be bearing down on the marketplace, that hardly means the waters are not churning j…

October 1, 2009  

Colour Me Safe

New technology is often eagerly anticipated, while concurrently viewed with scepticism — that is, at least until any wrinkles have been ironed out.

September 1, 2009  

A Safe and Helpful Lift

Lifting is a common workplace task that seems tailor-made for injury. Picking up a load that is just a few kilograms too heavy, reaching just a little too far forward, carrying something just a bit ov…

July 1, 2009  

Breathe In, Breathe Out

The list of deadly substances a worker may encounter while responding to a hazardous event is varied and frightening: materials that are radioactive, flammable, explosive, corrosive, biohazardous or t…

June 1, 2009  

Equip Against MSD Pain

TAKING A PASSIVE APPROACH — basically, reacting after something has happened — is never a good thing when it comes to preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). With many jurisdictions across Cana…

April 1, 2009  

Incremental, Insidious, Forever

IT’S A HAZARD that’s heard daily, but all too often, not heeded. Dangerous noise levels are a part of the job for approximately 30 per cent of the industrial work force, says Brian Myers, portfolio ma…

March 1, 2009  

Get Real in the Virtual World

TWO YEARS BEFORE assembly line workers at Ford Motor Company plants actually start production on a new vehicle, the unit is already being built.

January 1, 2009  

Warming To Protective Gear

ON FEBRUARY 3, 1947, the tiny village of Snag in the Yukon set a record yet to be bested. With a week of cold air blowing in from Siberia, Snag netted the lowest air temperature ever recorded in Canad…