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The Draeger Safety PARAT-C smoke escape hoods assist fire fighters with victim evacuation

July 11, 2006

Health & Safety

July 7, 2006 – – Pittsburgh, PA – – PARAT-C smoke escape hoods from Draeger Safety, Inc. have been placed on city fire trucks throughout the USA. The PARAT-C enables fire fighters to assist in rescuing victims without the need to share the air inside the tanks of their self contained breathing apparatus with victims trapped inside buildings. Fire fighters and victims alike may fall prey to the effects of smoke inhalation due to limitations of air supplies and having to breathe toxic smoke fumes.

Various US cities have gone through an extensive evaluation of smoke hoods and have chosen the Draeger PARAT-C escape hood as the escape hood of choice. The Draeger smoke hoods were chosen by these fire departments because they felt the hood had better visibility due to its wide lens, better communication, as it incorporates a hood not a mouthpiece, and it was easy to breathe through the filter on the hood. In Europe, it is standard practice for every fire department to carry the PARAT-C smoke escape hoods on their fire trucks to help fire fighters assist people in escaping from a fire by making these hoods available to potential victims.

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