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June 28, 2006

Health & Safety


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RAE Systems Introduces GammaRAE II Responder
RAE Systems AreaRAE Detection Networks Used For Venue Protection At The Kentucky Derby
Offers extended! RAE Systems Trade-in Programs
Ask the Expert
Photo Contest Winner

Police Security Expo 2006
Tuesday, June 20, 2006 – Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Atlantic City, NJ, USA
Please visit us at Booth #819.

Latin American Petroleum Show (LAPS)
Tuesday, June 27, 2006 – Thursday, June 29, 2006
Maracaibo, Venezuela
Please visit us at Booth #51.

Enforcement Expo
Wednesday, July 12, 2006 – Thursday, July 13, 2006
Cleveland, OH, USA
Please visit us at Booth #332.

The 22nd Annual National VPPPA Conference
Monday, August 28, 2006 – Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Orlando, FL, USA

Fire Rescue International
Thursday, September 14, 2006 – Saturday, September 16, 2006
Dallas, TX, USA
Please visit us at Booth #5617.

2006 Service Schools
July 13 -14, 2006

October 19 -20 , 2006

Participants will be Authorized Service Centers for 2 years and featured on our website. They may perform the following services to RAE Systems instruments:


1. Sensors & Lamps
2. Pumps
3. Batteries
4. Housing
5. Probes and other attachments


1. PC communication
2. Configuration files
3. Enabling and disabling datalogging
4. Firmware upgrades
5. Adjustment of settings in Diagnostics Mode


1. Sensor and Lamp response tests
2. Pump response tests
3. Battery response tests
4. Detecting electrical problems

Cleaning & Calibration:

1. Sensor, lamp, and lamp housing cleaning
2. Calibration of unit
3. Methods of checking calibration

Check-in time is 8:00am with instruction beginning at 8:30am. Class will end at 5:00pm. The cost for the class is $695.00 with a $195.00 non-refundable deposit. A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided when classes are held in San Jose. A laptop computer may be useful for ProRAE Suite sections, but all training materials are issued during the instruction. Training can also be held outside the factory for larger groups. The cost for this class is $3000.00 for 10 attendees plus traveling expenses. Additional persons can be added at $400.00 per with a maximum of 20 total. Payment in full is due 14 days prior to the start of class. Visa/MasterCard, corporate checks and Purchase Orders from Authorized Companies are accepted. Due to program demand and the volume of preprogram preparation, cancellations are subject to a fee of one-third of the program fee.

Success story contest – win an iPod Nano
Tell Us Your Story and Win an iPod Nano!

RAE Systems wants to hear your application stories! If you have an interesting anecdote about interesting or newsworthy uses of RAE Systems solutions, please tell us. Compiling these stories helps create a database of good references, drives positive media coverage, helps us refine products, and ultimately helps you maximize your use of RAE Systems instruments. Even if you only have a few details, let us know, and we’ll do the legwork. Send your story ideas and contact information to raesales@raesystems.com. If your story is chosen to be featured in a RAE Systems newsletter, you win an iPod Nano!
RAE Systems Introduces GammaRAE II Responder
Radiation Detector and Dosimeter in One

Immersible for easy decontamination
Intrinsically safe
Multi-mode alarm
ATEX approved

RAE Systems AreaRAE Detection Networks Used For Venue Protection At The Kentucky Derby

AreaRAE toxic gas detectors were deployed at the 132nd Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs on Saturday, May 6. The wireless detectors provided venue protection for spectators in the grandstands, as well as within the infield. The AreaRAE system was also deployed for Thunder Over Louisville, the annual kickoff to the Kentucky Derby Festival on Saturday, April 22. Attendance was estimated at over 800,000 for the events on the Louisville, Kentucky, riverfront. The deployment included AreaRAE and wireless, handheld MultiRAE Plus units deployed by the Louisville Metro Joint Emergency Services Unit, said Steve Haise, President of All Safe Industries, a RAE Systems regional partner. This was also the teams first use of RAEShare, and they loved it. Not only could they monitor readings in the onsite command center via ProRAE Remote, but the officials in the Emergency Operations Center could see the information in real time, as well as over the Internet.

With over 500 AreaRAE networks deployed, the ability to easily redeploy detectors at other venues gives first responders the flexibility to select the best instrument for their perceived local threats, said Andrew Balaschak, senior manager of RAE Systems integrated system products. We are pleased that our equipment continues to be selected to provide public security and responder safety at major events.

Offers extended! RAE Systems Trade-in Programs

How do I place an order? Contact your local distributor.
Not sure who your local distributor is? Click here to find your regional sales manager.

Trade in any 3- to 5-gas monitor and take:

$500 off the list price MultiRAE Plus
$200 off the list price of a QRAE Plus
Trade-in prices good through September 30, 2006

Trade in any RAE Systems Personal Radiation Detector and take:

$500 off the list price of a GammaRAE II
Trade-in prices good through September 30, 2006

Trade in any other manufacturer’s Personal Radiation Detector* and take:

$300 off the list price of a GammaRAE II
Trade-in prices good through September 30, 2006

* No dosimeters, please.

Trade in any PID monitor and take:

$500 off the list price of a MiniRAE 2000
Trade-in prices good through September 30, 2006

Ask the Expert

Q: What are the two sensitivities one must consider when making a toxicity risk assessment with a PID?

A: The first is the biological sensitivity of humans exposed to a specific chemical and is expressed in exposure limits defined by organizations such as OSHA, ACGIH, and NIOSH. The second is the sensitivity of the PID for measuring the chemical, which is expressed as the correction factor, or response factor. The correction factor is a ratio of sensitivity to a particular chemical referenced to the PID calibration gas of isobutylene.
Answer found in Application Note AP-221

Q: How are the GammaRAE II and NeutronRAE II calibrated?

A: Both instruments are originally calibrated at the factory using a collimated 137Cs gamma radiation source. The distance from the source is varied to give a dose equivalent rate (DER) of exposure to the extremes of the DER range given in the instrument specifications. No calibration by the user is needed for the life of the instruments. However, periodic functional test using a 137Cs source, and factory calibration every two years is recommended.
Answer found in Technical Note TN-176.

Q: How long can a RAE-SEP Benzene tube be left open before it no longer can be used?

A: Tubes can be open and exposed for up to 4 hours without losing significant capacity.
Answer found in Technical Note TN-127.

Q: What sensor would you recommend for measuring the LEL of Turpentine or Jet Fuel?

A: A PID, because response to heavy compounds like these is too weak on an LEL sensor.
Answer found in Technical Note TN-156, Application Note AP-200, Application Note AP-204, and Application Note AP-219

Q: What kinds of material can stop the four types of radiation: alpha, beta, gamma, and neutron?

A: Alpha particles are very heavy with a short range and can be stopped by a sheet of paper or by the outer dead layer of skin. Beta particles can travel significant dist
ances, but solid materials such as plastic, glass or aluminum foil can easily stop them. Gamma and X-rays are shielded by denser material such as lead, concrete, or steel. Neutron particles are very dense and slow, and therefore are easily absorbed. To shield against this type of radiation, hydrogen-rich materials such as paraffin wax, water, and polyethylene are used.
Answer found in the HazRAE manual, Understanding Radiation by Bjrn Wahlstrm, Radiation PowerPoint.

Photo Contest Winner
Photo submitted by Lloyd Frink, Dutchess County HazMat, Poughkeepsie, NY
Firefighters ready MultiRAE Plus before building entry.

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