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New Fall Protection CoursesNow Available through Miller/Troll Training

September 8, 2006

Health & Safety

Summer, 2006 — Miller/Troll Fall Prevention & Protection Training announces three (3) new Fall Protection Training courses available on site at Millers new facility or on customer site

Confined Space & Confined Space Rescue Training
A detailed look at confined space regulations, the typical hazards involved and a variety of control measures.
High Access Rescue Training
The training provides individuals with the required skills to safely set up rescue equipment, and rescue a casualty stranded at height, having first taken into consideration any injuries sustained.
Competent Tower Climbers Training
Provides individuals with the required skills to safely recognize, evaluate and control safety hazards related to tower work.

Whether industry, construction, utility/telecommunications or in any activity requiring an individual to work at height, training is an integral part of an effective, well-planned and written Fall Protection Program. To maintain a safe and productive work environment, it is essential that employees working at heights
1. Recognize fall hazards
2. Evaluate the risk posed by each hazard
3. Control the hazard through preventative or protective measures

The training programs provide awareness, knowledge and the skills necessary to ensure safety on the jobsite. Taught by field-experienced, professional instructors, the training sessions include live demonstrations and hands-on training, while addressing site-specific variables and performance requirements of fall prevention and protection.

In addition, Miller/Troll Training has also developed a 20-minute training video designed to help companies implement a comprehensive fall protection program. The video entitled, Gravity Kills Defy It uses dynamic video footage of drop tests, on-screen graphics and animation to convey the information workers need to know about the importance of fall protection. Other areas presented include: equipment inspection, correct use of equipment, and most importantly, the five components of a comprehensive fall protection program. These include:
1) Complete site survey by a competent person
2) Written fall protection plan
3) Thorough understanding by all workers of applicable standards and regulations
4) Proper selection of fall protection equipment
5) Comprehensive training program for all workers

In an interesting and informative format, the video discusses all elements of the fall protection program and educates workers with detailed instructions in the safe use of full-body harnesses, anchorages, anchorage connectors and lanyards.

For training dates and more information, contact Miller/Troll Training at 800/873-5242.

Contact:Edward J. Bickrest
Marketing Communications Manager
Miller Fall Protection, Bacou-Dalloz
401/233-0333 Ext. #2264


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