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Draeger Safety, Inc. Builds on-site Mobile Service Trailer for Baltimore Firefighters

September 5, 2006

Health & Safety

August 31, 2006 – – Pittsburgh, PA – – To support training excercises and to provide mutual aid to the surrounding communities and/or remote areas, the Baltimore City Fire Department is using the concept of a Mobile Service Trailer. Procured through Draeger Safety, Inc., the Draeger mobile, On-Site Service Trailer allows Baltimore firefighters to perform all levels of repair and service to their personal protective equipment and gas detectors. The trailer was orignally designed to provide support for training exercises, but has been providing comprehensive operations at remote locations within the Central Maryland Region.

Some emergencies, like the Howard Street tunnel incident, may call for an extended stay by emergency personnel. During this type of long emergency, it may be a major obstacle to get the equipment serviced and send it back into the field for further use. Although rescue equipment is engineered for this type of abuse, the addition of the Draeger Safety On-Site Service Trailer, allows the user to handle any equipment refilling, calibration or other adjustments, without the hassle of calling the station and having parts, tools, and spare equipment rushed to and from the scene. With the Draeger On-Site Service Trailer all forms of personal protective equipment can be cleaned, checked and repaired if necessary and then sent back into the field with a minimum turnaround time.

This trailer was designed for the following:
Store 45 SCBAs
Store 10 BG-4 Rebreathers consumables
Refill SCBA Cylinders and Spares
Refill BG-4 Oxygen Cylinders and Spares
Perform fit testing and flow checks on Draeger SCBAs
Provide power for a calibrating station for portable gas detection equipment.

Draeger Safety Solutions Inc. is the only company in the North American region that has designed and constructed, custom mobile service centers that contain both Air and Oxygen servicing equipment.

Contact:Shelli Cosmides (412) 788-5671


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