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New Brunswick adding cameras to school buses to deter, catch vehicles that pass them

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August 9, 2023
By OHS Canada

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New Brunswick is putting cameras on the stop arms that extend from school buses in an effort to deter vehicles from passing them and improve student safety.

“During the school year, thousands of students board our buses to get to and from school,” said Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Bill Hogan. “Continuing and expanding our school bus camera program will make a significant difference when it comes to helping keep our students safe.”

Vehicles that pass a stopped school bus, when it has its stop arm extended and lights flashing, put children at risk, especially if they are crossing the street. Stop-arm cameras record anytime a driver passes a school bus when the stop arm is extended.

The provincial government is purchasing the cameras from Nova Communications, a subsidiary of Rock Networks, for up to $690,000.

“When we have opportunities to invest in the private sector and help support student safety, it’s a win-win for all,” said Service New Brunswick Minister Mary Wilson. “Supporting New Brunswick suppliers also helps create jobs and strengthens the economy of our province and communities.”


“We understand the importance of providing a high-quality product that enhances the safety of communities, and children,” said Joe Hickey, president and CEO of Rock Networks. “This will allow us to continue to expand the range of innovative communications solutions that communities rely on, while also helping to grow New Brunswick’s economy.”


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