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Alberta looking for feedback around violence, harassment, explosives as it updates OHS Code

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February 20, 2024
By OHS Canada


The Alberta Legislature building in Edmonton. Photo: Rita Petcu/Adobe Stock

The Alberta government is inviting public feedback on proposed updates to the province’s Occupational Health and Safety Code (OHS Code), aiming to address evolving workplace health and safety needs around workplace violence and harassment, explosives, and oil and gas wells.

Through an online survey available from Feb. 20 to March 19, Albertans are encouraged to contribute their perspectives on how to enhance the current regulations.

The OHS Code, which outlines specific technical requirements for mitigating health and safety risks in Alberta’s workplaces, is under review to ensure it keeps pace with the dynamic nature of modern work environments. Changes in technology, best practices, and the overall nature of work over the past 15 years have prompted this reassessment.

“Alberta’s workplaces have gone through many changes during the past 15 years and Alberta’s government needs to make sure health and safety laws reflect modern workplace,” said Matt Jones, the Minister of Jobs, Economy and Trade. “I encourage workers, employers, and health and safety professionals to provide their valuable input to help improve and update the OHS Code so it works better for everyone.”

The survey focuses on specific sections of the OHS Code, including workplace violence and harassment (Part 27), explosives (Part 33), and oil and gas wells (Part 37). Respondents have the option to provide feedback on the entire survey or select sections of particular interest.


For more information, see https://www.alberta.ca/ohs-code-review


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