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Meticulous Incident Investigation as a Primer for Organizational Learning
November 22, 2023 at 1:30pm

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By OHS Canada

The human and socio-economic impact of workplace incidents, injuries, and diseases has long been a cause of concern for most industries. Over the years, companies have implemented several strategies and measures to identify, control, and mitigate occupational risks and hazards. Yet, despite the progress made, workplace incidents continue to make headlines globally. With the discussions around the sustainability of organizations and human capital, the integration of workplace incident investigations is becoming even more important with major and catastrophic events occurring around the globe.

Learning Objectives/Takeaways:

Overcoming Obstacles in Achieving Optimal Workplace Safety: It’s essential to recognize and mitigate biases and shift the focus from blaming individual errors to identifying and closing gaps in the system. Balancing the scales between safety and the demands of productivity and profit is crucial for fostering a safer work environment.

Transforming Incident Investigations from Financial Burden to Financial Benefit: Re-envisioning incident investigations as strategic investments can lead to enhanced productivity and profitability. This proactive approach not only mitigates risks but also adds value to the business.

Discover Canada’s Hidden Safety Treasure: As the sole global standard for incident investigation, the CSA Z1005 Incident Investigation is a unique and invaluable resource. Remarkably, it’s available at no cost and serves as a powerful tool in preventing workplace incidents worldwide.

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