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WSIB’s latest quarterly rebate payout largest in new program’s history

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July 8, 2021
By OHS Canada

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200 businesses earned combined $3.2 million in premium rebates

In June, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) paid out the largest quarterly rebate to businesses since the launch of its Health and Safety Excellence program.

This quarter, more than 200 businesses earned a combined $3.2 million in premium rebates from the WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence program.

This is the largest quarterly rebate issued since the WSIB launched the program in 2019, which has paid out a total of $6.2 million in rebates to eligible Ontario businesses to date.

“The program reinforces the idea that prioritizing health and safety in the workplace is ultimately good for business,” said Rodney Cook, vice-president of workplace health and safety services. “We provide a clear roadmap for businesses to help them earn rebates for making improvements to their workplace health and safety systems — it’s a win-win.”

How do businesses receive rebates?

Businesses enrolled in the program receive support from dedicated health and safety experts. These experts help to identify any gaps in the businesses’ workplace health and safety plans, and help them work through program topics that can help fill those gaps.


When a business is finished with a program topic and can demonstrate that they’ve implemented the safety practices and processes required, they’re eligible to earn a rebate anywhere from $1,000 up to 75 per cent of their annual WSIB premiums.

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How does the Health and Safety Excellence program work?

Studies have shown that employees who feel supported, protected and involved in workplace health and safety are more satisfied with their work, and are more productive. Another proof point for why keeping people healthy and safe at work simply makes good business sense, and the principle behind the Health and Safety Excellence program.

The program fits businesses of all sizes, across all industries, and at any level of workplace health and safety — whether they’re building a health and safety program from scratch, or enhancing an existing one.

Businesses move through the program by:

  1. First selecting a WSIB-approved provider to work with, completing an assessment to help determine where they should start in their health and safety journey and developing an action plan to work on health and safety topics of their choice.
  2. With the help of their provider, businesses have up to 12 months to work through the topics and submit evidence of their work to the WSIB for review. Once we’ve validated their work, they’ll receive rebates on their WSIB premiums.

The quickest and easiest way to learn more about the program is to sign up for a Health and Safety Excellence program webinar, where you’ll learn more about how you can earn rebates and recognition by building and enhancing your workplace health and safety programs.


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