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Saskatchewan changes rules around sick leave as it reports another COVID-19 case

Paid leave is not being considered at this time, says labour minister

REGINA — The Saskatchewan government is changing labour laws to require employers give unpaid sick leave during a public health emergency.

The government made the announcement as it confirmed its eighth positive COVID-19 test, one more than a day earlier.

Health officials say the new case is someone in their 50s who was tested in Regina after returning from a dental conference in Vancouver.

The labour law changes remove a requirement that someone must work at least 13 consecutive weeks at a job before qualifying for sick leave. They also remove the provision that requires a doctor’s note to qualify for sick leave.

“It will ensure that anybody who is either ill or is required to take a leave that their job is protected for them so that they do not lose their employment during the time that they’re off,” Labour Relations and Workplace Safety Minister Don Morgan said Tuesday.


Last week, Alberta changed its labour laws to provide 14 days of paid leave for workers who self-isolate due to the novel coronavirus or who are caring for someone with COVID-19.

But Morgan said making the leave paid is too complicated and it’s not something the Saskatchewan is considering at this time.

“A lot of workers will have paid sick time or will get compensation from employment insurance if they’ve worked for the 13 weeks and we understand the federal government may be looking to reduce or change that,” he said.

“We’re going to look at and see what kind of other supports might be necessary in the broader sense.”

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2 Comments » for Saskatchewan changes rules around sick leave as it reports another COVID-19 case
  1. Vergil trotchie says:

    I was sent home because i felt myself getting sick. I had symtoms of a cold coming on. I told my boss he sent me home an said call my doctor. The next day i called my doctor he said to call 811 an they referred me for a covid test. I have not gotten my results back yet as of sun may 24 2020. I still have symptoms but feel im getting better. The info SHA gave me when i was tested said in the event i am negative i still have to self isolate for another 48 hrs after my symptoms are gone. Which is fine. My question is should i have to use my holidays ive accumulated to pay for this time off work or is there other compensation i can apply for? Our company does not give us any paid sick leave. I have been with them for over 9 years an there is dissability but again i would still have 3 days that are not covered that i feel i should not lose out on. This is not my fault an i feel i shouldnt have to lose out on holidays because of it or miss any paid time for work.

  2. Vergil says:

    I have been off work since may 20th hopefully goin back soon if my covid test comes back negative do i qualify for cerb for time i missed. I do have a cold an cannot go back to work untill my symptoms are gone. And if i dont have covid an its just a cold i have worked with a cold before but now they wont let me. Do i still quallify for cerb?

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