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Wearable device helps workers keep safe distance

Social Distancer instantly calculates distance between employees

A new wearable product has been designed to provide workers with a means to easily maintain a safe two-metre distance between one another.

The Social Distancer is a small wearable device currently available for pre-order in Canada, the United States and Europe.

“It’s our responsibility to keep our employees safe at all times, and especially during this outbreak,” says Jarred Knecht, co-founder and COO of Social Distancer Technologies. “The Social Distancer was developed as an easy solution for workers to continue their projects while maintaining proper safety standards during COVID-19.”

The product is a credit-card size, one-inch thick patent-pending device that instantly calculates the distance between employees.

It has three methods of alert — visual, vibration and tone — to instantly notify employees. If employees are within 2.5 metres of one another, the device will flash red, vibrate and audibly alert the employees to move farther away.