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Timing Couldnt Be Better for Patented Antiseptic Spray

April 2, 2003

Health & Safety

Toronto – They say that timing is everything. For companies launching a new product for example, timing can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. But, for a Toronto-based manufacturer who for years has chased the coveted prize and has finally obtained a prestigious US Patent, the timing couldnt be better.

Hygenic Essentials Inc. has announced that it is the midst of launching distribution based on an innovative personal hygiene product that recently finished production. Quickly out of the gates, Sani-genTM Portable Instant Sanitizing Spray appears to be cleaning-up on a crucial void within the public safety and health arena. These days, potentially lethal germs and bacteria seem to be on the top of many peoples minds.

Risk Increases Away From Home

Growing public concerns, relating to unknown dangerous germs and bacteria has left its mark on consumers and retailers alike. Contact with germs is the number one way people get sick, no matter where they are. Consumer response to a newly patented, portable antiseptic instant spray that kills over 99.99% of germs and bacteria virtually on contact, has been very demanding. The public appears to understand the potential dangers associated with germs and disease much better today then they did just a few short years ago.

Being within reach of personal hygiene comfort, especially while away from home, is a very satisfying feeling, product research suggests. Personal protection from exposure to harmful germs, bacteria, super-resistant bugs and numerous unknowns, caused through unsafe public contact exposure, has prompted increased demand in Sani-gen production. More consumer information and important research is available at their website: www.sani-gen.com

Sani-genTM Portable Instant Sanitizing Spray is a portable hygiene solution that fits into purse or pocket. This 25 gram handy format is designed for people on-the-go. Sani-gen also will soon be available in a larger 150 gram commercial size aerosol can skewed to medical, office, food service and hospitality, and, household channels.

Demand for Sani-genTM is being received from our largest trading partner to the south. Although Canada is now beginning to embrace personal protection products with keen interest, substantial distribution for Sani-genTM is targeted in the USA over the next several months. Demand may also be linked to good timing. After-all, North American consumers seem far more preoccupied these days with public contact hygiene and potentially lethal health and well-being issues.

* Sani-gen will be available May 1/03 at many leading drug, food and mass merchandiser stores.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Tom Barrow (Patent Owner) President
Hygenic Essentials Inc.
Tel: 905-778-0600
Email: Tom@Sani-gen.com

US Patent No. 6,299,862

For more information, please visit: www.sani-gen.com


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