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The new NEOS* boot is ideal for workers in food processing

April 24, 2007

Health & Safety

Montreal 2007 The Industrial TPU from North Safety Products is an overshoe, so it allows a worker to wear comfortable footwear underneath. For workers who are on their feet for most of a shift, comfort is of paramount importance for morale and productivity.
The Industrial TPU is 100% waterproof, extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear, so workers embrace this kind of foot protection. When the shift is finished, the new shift can use them, saving the company money. The Industrial TPU can also be used for visitors such as; customers, inspectors and other employees. It also can be bought with an optional steel toe that allows workers to be in compliance while wearing their most comfortable shoes.
Slip resistance is a major feature required in a food processing plant and the NEOS boot excels. The test results from a Virginia laboratory showed that the NEOS outsole scored .61 in the Dry test (over .50 is considered slip resistant), .58 in the wet test, .55 in the greasy test, .54 in the greasy/wet test and .53 in the second greasy test (with 4 times the grease).
The Industrial TPU was designed to clean up easily as there is nowhere for bacteria to hide and can be sanitized inside and out. The main applications for this boot are; meat, poultry and fish processing, dairy processing, pharmaceutical plants and inspection agency visitors.

*NEOS The New England Overshoe Co. was recently acquired by North Safety Products


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