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Scout Portable MultiGas DetectorNow Detects Volatile Organic Compounds!

July 21, 2004

Health & Safety

New Patented Plug-IN PID Sensor Broadens Scout’s Detection Capabilities

August 2004
Scott Instruments, Exton, PA.
Now with plug-in photo-ionization detection (PID), Scout broadens its range of simultaneous detection capabilities to include an entire array of volatile organic compounds as well as other toxic and combustible gases.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are found in numerous products including paints, plastics, solvents, preservatives, glues, fuels, aerosols, cleaners, and pesticides. Exposure to VOCs can cause both immediate and long-term serious health problems.

Scout’s PID sensor is specially designed for fast response in high humidity environments and is so sensitive that Scout can be used to detect VOCs down to 1 part per million without the need of a sample draw pump, giving operators hands-free operation when needed.

Scout also uses proprietary technology and functional innovations that significantly improve instrument operation. PID sensor longevity is significantly extended because now an operator can choose to turn off the sensor when it is not needed. Proprietary software and Advanced Battery ManagementTM Technology provides up to 50 hours or more runtime on a single set of “C” size batteries and sensor end-of-life prediction. Scout’s IntelliShutterTM system permits “on-the-fly” change from ambient to sample draw modes with the simple push of a button. With IntelliShutterTM, operators are alerted to a partially open shutter and prevented from connecting the sample probe while in the wrong operating mode.

Who uses a PID sensor?
Industrial Hygienists use PID detectors for a number of applications including indoor air quality assessment and site surveys.
HAZMAT / First responders use PIDs to assess spill hazards and perimeters, PPE assessment, leak detection, and decontamination efforts.
Environmental Contractors use PIDs to monitor remediation of industrial waste sites.
Any worker entering a confined space looking for a potential VOC hazard.
Law enforcement uses PIDs to detect the chemical used in the production of illicit drugs.

Scout is available internationally through Scott Instruments distributors.

251 Welsh Pool Rd.
Exton, PA. USA
(Toll Free) 1-800-872-8008
(phone) 610-363-5450
(fax) 610-363-0167
email: info@scottinstruments.com WEB: http://www.scottinstruments.co


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