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RAE Systems AreaRAE Network Selected by City of Detroit for Superbowl Toxic Hazard Monitoring

February 9, 2006

Health & Safety

San Jose, Calif. February 6, 2006 RAE Systems Inc. (AMEX:RAE), a leading global developer and manufacturer of rapidly deployable, multi-sensor chemical and radiation detection monitors and networks for homeland security and industrial applications, today announced over 40 of its AreaRAE atmospheric monitoring systems were used at Ford Field and at key strategic locations in and around Detroit to monitor for possible chemical or radiation threats before, during, and after this major public event. RAE Systems experts were also invited to be on hand by the various security organizations involved in this high profile event to provide technical assistance and consultation. AreaRAE networks have also been deployed at prior Superbowl games in Tampa and Houston as well as many other similar events around the country.

AreaRAE is an active, 5-sensor, wireless monitoring system the utilizes RAE Systems patented photoionization detectors to monitor for toxic levels of volatile organic compound (VOCs), fast responding Cesium Iodide detectors for gamma radiation, as well as lower explosive limit sensors, toxic industrial chemical sensors and breathable oxygen level sensors. A single AreaRAE network can include up to 32 lunch-box sized monitors with a radio range of up to two miles and multiple networks can be seamlessly integrated across the internet to a single central security location. The network is continuously monitored from the event security center with automatic notification and instant data retrival if any of the monitors go into alarm.

We are pleased that our equipment was once again selected to provide public venue security for this major event, said Robert Chen, RAE Systems chief executive officer. We have over 500 AreaRAE networks deployed across the country and know that our state of the art systems have been rapidly deployed at many high profile events.

More information on the AreaRAE wireless monitoring system can be found on the RAE Systems website at www.raesystems.com.

Bob Durstenfeld


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