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New Product Now Available in Canada: Work Station Mat & Portable Kneeling Mat

April 14, 2004

Health & Safety

Toronto, ON – March 22, 2004
Reduce Knee Trauma and Low Back Pain with ErgoKNEEL a distinctly different mat from similar products which are designed for foot traffic. ErgoKneel being 1 thick promotes gentle muscular activity that keeps body fluids moving and muscles conditioned rather than stressed. ErgoKNEEL is non-conductive and self-extinguishing, floor hugging and resists slipping on most surfaces. ErgoKNEEL is closed cell foam rubber and will not absorb liquids.

ErgoKNEEL strengthens ankle and leg muscles, allows stationary motions that keeps your joints lubricated and your circulatory system functioning normally. ErgoKNEEL is GUARANTEED not to compression set and has a striped caution bar for safety.

ErgoKNEELs Handy Mat reduces knee trauma and low back pain. Handy Mat has a built-in handle, easy to carry and hangs up for easy storage.

For further information on sizes and pricing please call 800-567-6287 or e-mail info@mul-t-mat.com


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