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Electrical Hazards E-Course Provides The Basics To Help People Work More Safely With Electricity

October 21, 2005

Health & Safety

HAMILTON, ON (October 17, 2005) The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) has developed an e-course that teaches electrical safety in the workplace, to help people work safely.

Electricity is such a familiar part of everyday life that we can forget that it can be a serious hazard. Every year people get seriously injured and some even die from electricity hazards at work. Something as simple as replacing a burnt out or broken light bulb is a common cause of serious electrical injury. While there are more injuries in the manufacturing and construction industries, every workplace in every industry has some type of electrical risk.

Electrical Hazards, an e-learning course from CCOHS, introduces the learner to the basics of electricity and electrical hazards in the workplace. The course teaches people how to be more aware of electricity at work and to recognize the many hazardous situations, such as using power tools and extension cords, and working near electrical equipment or power lines.

Electrical Hazards will be helpful to managers, supervisors and workers who may encounter electrical hazards in the workplace, but who are not formally qualified to work with electrical equipment. Health and safety committee members, facilities managers and anyone who may need general awareness of electrical safety will also benefit from the information. This course is not suitable for those working directly with electrical equipment or installations, who must have specific training and qualifications. The material in the course applies to electrical safety in all workplaces including construction, manufacturing, utilities, retail, agricultural and office environments.

Electrical Hazards includes practical advice and tips that can help make workplaces electrically safe, and protect people from injuries.

More information about the course is available on the CCOHS website:

Eleanor Irwin, Manager – Marketing, Sales and Communications
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety
905/572-2981, Ext. 4408 Email: mailto:eleanori@ccohs.ca


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