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Automated camera offers continuous methane-leak detection

DCAM-M generates immediate notifications with image, video


April 6, 2020
By OHS Canada

Calgary-based IntelliView has introduced an automated and continuous monitoring system for methane-leak detection.

The Dual Camera Analytic Module – Methane (DCAM-M) consists of a thermal imager, visual sensor and built-in image processing software. The fixed-format optical gas imaging camera integrates an infrared sensor that visualizes methane, sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide in any lighting condition.

The AI-driven DCAM-M constantly looks for leaking methane gas and generates immediate notifications accompanied by image and video of the gas plume or jet.

The ability to discover leaks early and remotely allows operators of distant and/or unmanned natural gas production, processing, storage, transportation and power generation facilities to respond quickly.

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