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New Safety-Footwear Website and Improved Online Shopping Experience: Making It Easy to Be Safe

October 28, 2015
By Mister Safety Shoes Inc.

NORTH YORK, Ont. — Mister Safety Shoes Inc. is proud to announce the birth of the company’s newly evolved website at www.mistersafetyshoes.com, which is designed to help consumers and managers in human resources and occupational safety management search for and locate the best safety footwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) for their employee’s safety requirements.

“It was nearly a year in design, layout and content development, as the new website had to evolve from the former site and be easier to navigate with increased functionality and a more contemporary design and layout for our customers to find what they are looking for,” commented John Colantonio, the company’s managing director. He added: “The online sales growth had outgrown the old website’s platform, there was no mobile version for shoppers on the go and it was overdue for an overhaul to help better service our desktop and mobile customers.”

The new website contains a comprehensive listing of safety footwear and PPE for consumers requiring corporate information, product images and specifications for safety-footwear products. Corporate customers can log in to track their individually managed footwear programs, and the new e-commerce shopping platform makes it easier for improved online purchasing.

“We expect new sales opportunities through the increased use of online desktop and mobile shopping and making it easy for new customers in remote areas across the country to obtain their required footwear quickly,” said Richard Kazmirchuk, corporate sales manager and SEO practitioner for the new website.

The company’s mission is to promote its safety-footwear consulting expertise and proprietary E-Trac Managed Footwear Solution, which makes it easy for corporate customers to track purchases and verify the eligibility of their employees’ footwear purchases throughout the year.

The company’s website is www.mistersafetyshoes.com and contains additional information. In business since 1972, the corporate head office is located in Toronto (North York). With 16 store locations in Ontario and Alberta and a fleet of “Shoemobile” mobile stores, the family-owned company is an industry leader in serving thousands of businesses requiring a wide range of workplace-suitable safety footwear in Canada.

Mister Safety Shoes Inc. sells safety footwear through a large fleet of mobile stores, a 24-hour online store, managed footwear programs and a network of retail stores.

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