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N.L. woman ordered to pay town $200 after alleging employee stole her booze

May 2, 2019
By The Canadian Press
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NORRIS POINT, N.L. – A woman who took her Newfoundland town to court after alleging an employee stole her alcohol was recently ordered to pay $200 over what a provincial court judge called a frivolous claim.

Colleen Rose organized a seniors’ party at the Norris Point, N.L., community hall in late December 2018 and had planned to bring leftover alcohol home.

Town caretaker Howard Knott testified in court that he recycled all empty bottles and poured the leftover contents of two open wine bottles down the drain as he was cleaning the hall.

According to court documents, Rose suspected Knott stole her alcohol and refused the town’s offer to refund her initial donation to book the space, instead seeking $500 compensation.

Judge Wayne Gorman of Corner Brook wrote in his April 29 ruling that Rose presented “no evidence” to support her accusation or her claim that the lost alcohol was worth $500.


Gorman said he believed Knott’s evidence, dismissed Rose’s statement of claim as “frivolous” and ordered her to pay the town $200.

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