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CSA Group releases updated Canadian Electrical Code to ‘maintain, improve’ safety of installations

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March 4, 2024
By OHS Canada

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The CSA Group has released its 2024 Canadian Electrical Code, Part I — C22.1:24.

For over 90 years, the CE Code, Part I has played a vital role in the safety of electrical installations and systems, establishing guidelines and requirements necessary to reduce risks of electric shock, fires, and other electrical hazards, it said. Updated every three years, the 2024 edition of the Code includes changes to the necessary installation requirements needed for electrical professionals to utilize new technologies efficiently while maintaining safety.

“Now in its 26th edition, the CE Code provides interested and affected parties, including electrical professionals, workers, regulators and the public, with electrical installation rules that promote safe electrical installation and maintenance; rules that are the foundation of the Canadian electrical system,” said Michael Wilson, Director of Electrical, CSA Group

More than 300 volunteer CSA Group members dedicated their time and expertise to updating and developing the latest edition of the code.

“This important work helps maintain a consistent foundation for the promotion of safe and efficient use of electricity across Canada that protects lives and property and supports resilient electrical systems in the face of a changing environment,” it said.


Some of the major changes and updates include:

  • Refining and clarifying requirements for energy storage and renewable energy systems
  • Clarification of electric vehicle energy management system requirements to help prepare buildings for more electric vehicles
  • Revisions aimed at increasing electrical safety for occupants and staff at healthcare facilities
  • New rules increasing safety for users and maintenance staff around swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas
  • New requirements supporting increased safety for electrical system maintenance personnel

For more information, see https://www.csagroup.org/store/product/CSA_C22.1:24/


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