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Crane operators protest in front of Couillard’s Montreal office

MONTREAL – Crane operators drove their rigs through the streets of Montreal today to protest new regulations that govern how workers are trained.

About 10 cranes and several hundred union members joined the march and protest that ended in front of Premier Philippe Couillard’s Montreal office.

Union spokesman Evans Dupuis says the new regulations make it easier for new recruits to bypass a technical diploma in favour of an on-the-job training program. He says the new program is less thorough and could lead to more workplace accidents.


Quebec’s construction commission says the new rules were put in place to counter an anticipated labour shortage.


Spokeswoman Melanie Malenfant says the new changes have been approved by the province’s workplace health and safety board and insists safety won’t be compromised in any way.

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  1. I’m not sure if there was some kind of study or evaluation done on crane operators and decided that these changes would be effective, but whoever it was needs to give their head a shake. I agree that not all kids are college or university material, but they need to learn both methods of equipment operation. Hands on from 50 years ago was acceptable at a point when there was nothing, but now you have experienced operators and schooling to share the education and training. I’ll bet my bottom dollar that some of those old school operators would make great teachers.

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