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Suncor reverses workplace injury trend, reports 2023 was company’s safest year ever

Oilsands giant Suncor Energy Inc., which has been heavily criticized in recent years for an abnormally high number of workplace deaths at its sites, reported that 2023 was its best year ever in terms of worker safety.

One person dead after load from construction crane falls on Vancouver building

B.C.’s premier and minister of labour are sharing their heartfelt condolences after a worker was killed in Vancouver’s Oakridge neighbourhood when a load from a crane fell on a building under construction.

Quebec coroner inquest told that poor police planning led to killing of officer

Quebec provincial police didn't plan properly before they tried to arrest a mentally ill man last March, and as a result an officer was killed, the province's workplace health and safety board says.

Worker killed at Halifax shipyard was struck by a piece of equipment: police

Police have confirmed that the man who died last week at the Halifax Shipyard was struck by a piece of equipment. Halifax Regional Police issued a statement Tuesday saying the death was reported at 11:40 a.m. from the sprawling shipyard on the city's waterfront. The 43-year-old worker was pronounced dead at the scene.

RCMP ask prosecutors to consider charge in fatal B.C. crane collapse that killed 5

Mounties say they have asked prosecutors to consider charges in the collapse of a construction crane that killed five people in Kelowna, B.C., in July 2021. Police say a report has been submitted to the BC Prosecution Service for charge assessment of criminal negligence causing death.

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Dräger X-plore® 8500: Designed for daily use in tough environments.

In demanding work environments where air quality is paramount, experience uncompromising safety and comfort with Dräger's X-plore® 8500 powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) system. With its robust battery life, advanced technology, and a wide range of customizable headpieces, this PAPR system offers unparalleled safety, comfort, and cost savings.

ROBUST: Design for daily use in tough environments. It features a heavy-duty helmet for tough workplace environments with protective visor made from highly resistant polycarbonate material.

COMFORT: The PAPR full face respirator system offers several advantages: advanced carrying system & optimal weight distribution, tight and stable connection between belt and unit, operating time > 8 hours + rapid charging, fast and easy disassembly for cleaning.

SAFE: The PAPR unit recognizes the connected headgear and automatically selects the correct minimum flow which avoids leakages due to insufficient flow rates. An alarm system signals the use without a filter and displays the saturation of the particle filter. » Discover Now!

Hard hats, hard choices: Head protection works, but only if worn properly

No matter what the safety rules or requirements are, if a hard hat doesn’t fit well or isn’t comfortable for the worker, they’re less likely to wear one. To spur on compliance, some companies now have workers test out different hard hat options to get feedback before making a purchasing decision on what works best for them in their particular circumstance. » Read More...

Alberta looking for feedback around violence, harassment, explosives as it updates OHS Code

The Alberta government is inviting public feedback on proposed updates to the province's Occupational Health and Safety Code (OHS Code), aiming to address evolving workplace health and safety needs around workplace violence and harassment, explosives, and oil and gas wells. » See the Photos
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The new standard of dexterity has arrived

Experience uninhibited movement, comfort, and touch sensitivity that protects against cut hazards with Superior Glove’s S21TX line of TenActiv™ safety gloves.

  • Cut Resistance: Meets the highest ANSI A9 cut resistance standards, ensuring protection against cut hazards in high-risk tasks
  • Touchscreen Compatibility: Designed for modern work environments, they allow for seamless interaction with touchscreen devices, enhancing productivity without the need to remove them
  • Food Safety Compliance: For tasks in food processing, these gloves are compliant with food safety regulations, maintaining hygiene and safety in food handling

Get your free premium sample box today.

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Negligence or scapegoating? Trial of 'Rust' armorer begins in fatal shooting by Alec Baldwin

Prosecutors sought to pin blame on a movie weapons supervisor for bringing live ammunition on set and “unprofessional and sloppy” work that contributed to the fatal shooting of a cinematographer by Alec Baldwin during production of the film “Rust,” as the first trial in the death began Thursday. » Read More...

A U.S. company is accused of illegally hiring children to clean meat processing plants

U.S. authorities have accused another sanitation company of illegally hiring at least two dozen children to clean dangerous meat processing facilities, the latest example of illegal child labor that officials say is increasingly common. » Read More...

2 workers die after part of a bridge being built over a Dutch canal collapses

Two people died and two others were injured last week when part of a bridge being built over a canal in the eastern Netherlands collapsed, emergency services said. The accident happened in Lochem, 130 kilometers (80 miles) east of Amsterdam, as workers lifted a large metal arch into place. » Read More...


A drug to treat frostbite is finally available

Frostbite can occur at temperatures just below freezing (-0.55°C), though at such temperatures frostbite is typically mild and no permanent damage will result. But what happens if you live and work somewhere where it gets much colder? As a Canadian, I am used to seeing news reports during cold snaps warning people to avoid going outdoors due to frostbite being possible “in under a minute”. » Read More...

Your smart watch isn’t a medical device – but it is tracking all your health data

For millions of people, smartwatches aren’t just a piece of technology. They can use them to take control of their health in ways never thought possible. As you go on your morning run, a smartwatch can monitor the rhythmic pounding of your feet and your heart’s steady beat. The watch can record the distance covered and the intensity of your workout, guiding you towards your fitness goals. » Read More...

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The Key to High-Performing Workplaces: Prioritizing Psychological Safety

Injuries, absenteeism, and mental health issues are a signal that psychological safety may be lacking in your workplace. Psychological First Aid training helps foster a culture of well-being and productivity where your team can effectively manage stress and self-care – and support others. Prioritize psychological safety and watch your team thrive! » Learn more

Make It Safe Okanagan 2024 

April 18, 2024 | Coast Capri Hotel, Kelowna, B.C. » Read More...