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Coldstream Concrete fined $75,000 after worker hurt in collision between forklift, front-end loader

Coldstream Concrete, a manufacturer of precast concrete products for the construction and drainage industries, has been fined $75,000 after a worker was injured on July 25, 2022, at the company's facility in Ilderton, Ont.

Alberta plans to regulate, license mental health counsellors through College of Alberta Psychologists

As regulated health professionals, counsellors will be held to professional standards including education, safety standards and a code of ethics, the provincial government said in a press release. Unprofessional or unethical conduct can also be investigated, it said, calling the changes "important safeguards."

Ontario fountain maker fined $60,000 after worker injured while setting up milling machine

An Ontario company that designs and fabricates custom fountains has been fined $60,000 after a worker was injured while setting up a milling machine. The incident happened on March 14, 2022, at Crystal Fountains in Concord, Ont.

CSA Group releases updated Canadian Electrical Code to 'maintain, improve' safety of installations

For over 90 years, the CE Code, Part I has played a vital role in the safety of electrical installations and systems, establishing guidelines and requirements necessary to reduce risks of electric shock, fires, and other electrical hazards, it said.

A message worth repeating: Take action to prevent RSIs

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) is reminding workplaces to take action to prevent one of the leading causes of workplace injuries in Canada.

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Dräger X-plore® 8500: Designed for daily use in tough environments.

In demanding work environments where air quality is paramount, experience uncompromising safety and comfort with Dräger's X-plore® 8500 powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) system. With its robust battery life, advanced technology, and a wide range of customizable headpieces, this PAPR system offers unparalleled safety, comfort, and cost savings.

ROBUST: Design for daily use in tough environments. It features a heavy-duty helmet for tough workplace environments with protective visor made from highly resistant polycarbonate material.

COMFORT: The PAPR full face respirator system offers several advantages: advanced carrying system & optimal weight distribution, tight and stable connection between belt and unit, operating time > 8 hours + rapid charging, fast and easy disassembly for cleaning.

SAFE: The PAPR unit recognizes the connected headgear and automatically selects the correct minimum flow which avoids leakages due to insufficient flow rates. An alarm system signals the use without a filter and displays the saturation of the particle filter. » Discover Now!

Q&A with Candace Sellar of CSA Group: Navigating the world of respiratory protection

There are several different types of respiratory hazards that might be encountered in the workplace—and for many, they are a part of everyday job function. While COVID-19 and the 2003 SARS outbreak both highlighted the need for proper respiratory protection, there are always concerns about occupational diseases—many of which can be linked to improper respiratory protection. » Read More...

N.L. updates workplace safety laws for smaller employees, raises threshold to 20 or more employees

New requirements for occupational health and safety programs and committees in Newfoundland and Labrador come into effect March 1 following amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act passed in the House of Assembly last spring. » See the Photos
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The new standard of dexterity has arrived

Experience uninhibited movement, comfort, and touch sensitivity that protects against cut hazards with Superior Glove’s S21TX line of TenActiv™ safety gloves.

  • Cut Resistance: Meets the highest ANSI A9 cut resistance standards, ensuring protection against cut hazards in high-risk tasks
  • Touchscreen Compatibility: Designed for modern work environments, they allow for seamless interaction with touchscreen devices, enhancing productivity without the need to remove them
  • Food Safety Compliance: For tasks in food processing, these gloves are compliant with food safety regulations, maintaining hygiene and safety in food handling

Get your free premium sample box today.

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NYC subway service snarled due to worker safety concerns after a conductor was slashed in the neck

Police in New York City are searching for a man who slashed Alton Scott, a subway conductor, in the neck last week. Scott was slashed in the neck as he put his head out a window to make sure the track was clear, the union representing transit workers said. » Read More...

A small drone flies into a damaged Fukushima nuclear reactor for the first time to study melted fuel

A drone small enough to fit in one's hand flew inside one of the damaged reactors at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant Wednesday in hopes it can examine some of the molten fuel debris in areas where earlier robots failed to reach. » Read More...

U.S. investigators provide data on the helicopter crash that killed 6, including a Nigerian bank CEO

A helicopter that was carrying the CEO of one of Nigeria’s largest banks and five others left a shallow crater and a trail of debris when it crashed in Southern California’s Mojave Desert earlier this month, according to investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board. » Read More...


Stop breaking women’s hearts at work: 7 ways to make workplaces better for cardiovascular health

Prominent heart health messaging focuses on the role of lifestyle behaviours (such as physical activity and nutrition) in cardiovascular health. However, the role of social determinants of health (or SoDH) — which include sex, gender, poverty, environment — is also well established. SDoH not only directly impact risk and progression of heart disease, but also health outcomes. » Read More...

Racism remains an ugly reality for many in Canada: For women, it’s even worse

Racism is a sad truth in Canadian society, and the workplace is not immune. KPMG’s recently released research of 1,000 Canadian professionals who identify as Black found that in the past year alone, 81 per cent endured some form of racism or microaggression in their workplace.  We also know workplace racism intersects with gender, as this research found the number of Black Canadian women experiencing some form of workplace racism or discrimination climbed 10 percentage points from a year ago. » Read More...

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Looking to keep your workers hands and the planet safe? Watson Gloves can help with that!

Did you know that Watson Gloves has over 80 styles made from recycled plastic bottles? Featuring cut resistant, high performance, winter lined - they have the right glove for the job.

Want to see how your sustainable PPE purchases make a difference? Ask about their ESG calculator to show incremental carbon savings from using gloves with recycled materials!

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Make It Safe Okanagan 2024 

April 18, 2024 | Coast Capri Hotel, Kelowna, B.C. » Read More...