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Manitoba bringing back Advisory Council on Workplace Safety and Health

The proposed legislation would re-establish the 13-member advisory council, which would include representation from workers, employers and technical and professional bodies.

Alberta road construction company ordered to pay $295,000 in wake of workplace fatality

The bulk of the fine is being directed to the Alberta Construction Safety Association and a local fire department to fund the development of training resources and to purchase new rescue equipment.

Saskatchewan restricts possession of bear spray in urban areas

The regulations will also prohibit defacing or altering bear spray in order to hide or disguise the product's identity. Those charged under the regulations could face potential fines of up to $100,000.

Alcohol consumption played role in head-on crash between freight trains near Prescott, Ont.: TSB

The Transportation Safety Board says alcohol consumption played a role in a 2021 head-on crash between two freight trains that left several crew members injured and destroyed hundreds of feet of track in Prescott, Ontario.

Manitoba announces changes designed to keep unsafe heavy trailers off the road

The Manitoba government is introducing amendments to the Drivers and Vehicles Act that would allow Manitoba Public Insurance to designate heavy trailers with a status that represents their condition and documents their history to increase road safety and consumer protection.

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Elevate Your Safety Standards with Dräger X-act® 7000

Transform workplace safety with the advanced Dräger X-act® 7000. This multi-gas detector blends precision, efficiency, and simplicity, offering unparalleled protection against harmful gases.

  • Precise Measurement: Detects low ppb range gases on-site, saving time and costs.
  • Selective Testing: Specialized Dräger MicroTubes reduce false positives with high selectivity.
  • Explosion-Proof: Certified under ATEX/IECEx for Zone 0. The system is also dust- and splash resistant in accordance with IP54.
  • Easy Operation: Features a 3-button control, 2.4-inch color display, and simple tube insertion for effortless operation.
  • Remote Sampling Capability: Extend your reach with the Dräger X-am® Pump, perfect for testing in hard-to-access places up to 45 meters away.
Transform your safety standards with Dräger's X-act® 7000, where technology meets reliability. » Discover Now!

Visitor management plays big role in workplace violence prevention strategies

At any organization, creating a safe work environment needs to be a top priority. Workplace violence can happen at any time, so organizations need to be prepared to identify potential threats and intervene before issues escalate. When workers are threatened, so are operations, so the more precautions and responsive measures an organization can take, the more they can minimize the impact of violent events. » Read More...

Cape Breton coal mine closed by roof falls allowed to resume year-round operations

A Cape Breton coal mine that had been ordered to cease operations after two roof falls last summer is being permitted to resume year-round production. The underground operation at the Donkin mine has been closed, and 130 workers laid off, since a July 15 roof fall, which followed a smaller roof fall on July 9. » See the Photos
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The new standard of dexterity has arrived

Experience uninhibited movement, comfort, and touch sensitivity that protects against cut hazards with Superior Glove’s S21TX line of TenActiv™ safety gloves.

  • Cut Resistance: Meets the highest ANSI A9 cut resistance standards, ensuring protection against cut hazards in high-risk tasks
  • Touchscreen Compatibility: Designed for modern work environments, they allow for seamless interaction with touchscreen devices, enhancing productivity without the need to remove them
  • Food Safety Compliance: For tasks in food processing, these gloves are compliant with food safety regulations, maintaining hygiene and safety in food handling

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United Airlines CEO tries to reassure customers that the airline is safe despite recent incidents

The CEO of United Airlines says that a slew of recent incidents ranging from a panel that fell off a plane to another jet losing a wheel on takeoff will cause the airline to review its safety training for employees. » Read More...

Kentucky House approves bill to reduce emergency-trained workers in small coal mines

The Kentucky House voted to allow the state's smallest coal mining operations to reduce the number of miners with emergency medical training assigned for each underground shift. In a state once known as a coal producing powerhouse, supporters said the measure is needed to help keep the smallest mining operations in business amid the industry's downturn. » Read More...


How safe are Australia’s mines? New analysis shows reform has been stalled for a decade

On Sunday August 7 1994, an explosion at the Moura No 2 underground coal mine in Queensland led to the deaths of 11 miners. This tragedy was the catalyst for a major shakeup in the approach to safety in all kinds of mines around Australia over the late 1990s and early 2000s. Since that time, we have seen major improvements in safety performance. » Read More...

What the Boeing whistleblower’s death reveals about exposing corporate wrongdoing in North America

A former Boeing employee who raised concerns about the company’s safety and production standards was found dead on March 9 before he could provide his final deposition in an ongoing lawsuit against Boeing. John Barnett died from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to police. » Read More...

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Looking to keep your workers hands and the planet safe? Watson Gloves can help with that!

Did you know that Watson Gloves has over 80 styles made from recycled plastic bottles? Featuring cut resistant, high performance, winter lined - they have the right glove for the job.

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Make It Safe Okanagan 2024 

April 18, 2024 | Coast Capri Hotel, Kelowna, B.C. » Read More...