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WEBINAR: Confined space safety
May 27, 2020 at 12:00pm

Keeping workers safe from hazards associated with confined spaces

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In partnership with 3M Canada, OHS Canada hosted a free webinar on May 27, 2020, focused on keeping workers safe from hazards associated with confined spaces.

The webinar session is available above.

From potentially toxic atmospheres to physically hazardous conditions such as extreme temperatures, unstable materials, or the potential for falls, confined spaces often present unseen challenges.

No two confined spaces are exactly alike.

Type, size and hazards vary greatly, along with different standards, regulations and company policies that can apply to each working environment.

This webinar covers the following:

  • how to identify a confined space
  • where confined spaces are typically found
  • common types of confined spaces
  • hazards workers may face in a confined space, including physical and atmospheric hazards
  • regulations and standards surrounding confined space safety
  • how to choose the right type of respiratory protection for your environment.

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1 Comment » for WEBINAR: Confined space safety
  1. Dave Paul says:

    There was a question with regards to a mechanic pit, and whether or not if a transport trailer was parked over it, would it be considered a Confined Space.

    It is intended for human occupancy,
    It has no obstructions from egress (typically a stair case 3-4 steps on each end. AND the employee may be able to exit anywhere along the length.
    Unless there is a potential for a hazard to originate from a loaded trailer, Sand, Salt, Chemical then there is relatively 0 risk.

    HOwever, I am interested in seeing the official response to that question.

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