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Suspect admits to stabbing deaths of man, woman at Alberta work camp

October 31, 2018
By The Canadian Press
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GRANDE PRAIRIE, Alta. – A trial in northern Alberta is hearing grisly details about a work camp cook who killed two other workers – stabbing one man more than 70 times, cutting off parts of his body and lighting him on fire.

Daniel Goodridge, 31, has pleaded not guilty because of a mental disorder to charges of first-degree murder, assault with a weapon and interfering with human remains.

In an agreed statement of facts submitted at the start of his trial, Goodridge admits to the slayings as well as to terrorizing others who woke in the middle of the night to screams at the Canada North oilfield camp near Fox Creek in June 2015.

Some workers hid in their rooms while others fled into the bush as Goodridge ran around the remote property with a large knife, the court document says. He also threw rocks at vehicles and set other fires in some buildings.

The agreed facts also say that when RCMP arrived, Goodridge refused to drop the knife and lunged at an officer. Mounties fired 12 shots, wounding Goodridge.


Officers then found the bodies of David Derksen, who was 37, and from La Crete, Alta., and 50-year-old Hally Dubois of Red Deer, Alta.

Camp worker Jacob Penner woke up to screaming and thought someone was fighting in a hallway, says the court document. He heard: “Let him go! He has had enough!”

When Penner opened his door, he saw Goodridge in the hallway and a trail of blood. He next saw Goodridge straddling Derksen on a sidewalk, says the document.

Goodridge was cutting Derksen and smearing Derksen’s blood on himself.

A medical examiner determined Derksen had been stabbed at least 70 times, the document says. Part of his face, including an eye, was cut out as well as some of his stomach and small bowel. Parts of his body were also charred.

Penner and another worker hid in his room for a while before deciding it was best to get out, says the document. They headed for the surrounding trees.

Goodridge ran after them, yelling “Come back here! I’m going to get you!” As the pair ran further into the bush, Goodridge stopped chasing them.

The court document says Penner thought Goodridge was “extremely odd” and quiet to the point of being rude. Penner believed the only person Goodridge had a connection with at the camp was his female victim.

During the frenzy, the court document says, other workers saw Dubois trying to help Derksen and heard her yelling, “Danny stop!” Her body was found curled up in a trailer. She had been stabbed or cut 11 times.

Paramedic Tina King loaded Goodridge into an ambulance and described him as polite. King said she did not suspect Goodridge had been drinking or doing drugs, says the document. She asked him if he knew why he had killed two people and he responded: “I just wanted some excitement.”

Goodridge’s mother testified that he had previously tried to kill himself and appeared not to be doing well days before the attack. His former girlfriend also told the trial that he once wrapped himself in teal-coloured clothes and blankets and claimed he was getting power from the items.

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