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Superior Glove retools facility to produce face shields, hand sanitizer

Ontario manufacturer also donating gloves in fight against COVID-19

A Canadian glove manufacturer is retooling to produce personal protective equipment to aid in the fight against COVID-19.

Superior Glove is located in Acton, Ont.

“Our mandate has always been to leverage technology and innovation to keep workers as safe as possible,” said president Tony Geng. “We are thrilled to be able to use our expertise in designing and manufacturing innovative PPE to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.”

To date, the company has shifted its operations to manufacture face shields and hand sanitizer, and has also committed to a joint venture with the Newfoundland and Labrador government to produce cotton face masks.

Superior Glove has donated thousands of disposable gloves to local businesses in need, including hospitals and long-term care facilities, according to a press release.


“I’m so proud of the way our team has come together in this time of crisis and am very excited about the great new products we’re able to provide to help fight this novel coronavirus,” said Joe Geng, company vice-president.

“This is not a case of people simply doing their jobs — many of our employees gave up their weekends and leisure time to put in the required effort to get these products to market as fast as possible.”


Superior Glove in Acton, Ont., is now producing face shields. (Photos courtesy of Superior Glove)

Using a laser-cutter purchased long ago for a now-defunct product line, Superior Glove was able to quickly retool and begin cutting plastic sheets for the face shields.

Using other items from their existing operations, they were able to manufacture functional, comfortable face shields that can be worn in conjunction with other safety gear such as face masks and safety goggles.

The company is able to produce 10,000 shields per day in Acton.

Superior Glove is also manufacturing hand sanitizer in four different sizes.

Having at one time manufactured hand sanitizer, Superior Glove was able to again start producing this much-needed item within a matter of weeks.

Using existing equipment and sourcing raw materials from local distilleries, the company is producing over 40 tons of sanitizer a month in four different sizes.

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  1. I’m interested for face mask, hand sanitizer, and disposable gloves.

  2. Ted Taylor says:

    What is needed by the food services industry is a face shield that chefs/cooks can wear in the kitchen. That shield would not only offer a tight fit where the shield meets the forehead but also a shield that was designed such that droplets could not escape the bottom of the shield; a shield that would prevent droplets from contaminating the foods. There is an entire industry looking for such a shield. To wear a mask and eye coverings for an 8 hours shift is very uncomfortable. A proper face shield would make life a lot easier in a commercial kitchen.

  3. Karen says:

    Hi I’m interested in purchasing hand sanitizer, gloves and masks.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank You

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