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Saskatchewan police hand out record number of distracted-driving tickets

November 26, 2019
By the Canadian Press
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Majority of convictions for illegal cellphone use

Distracted driving is the leading safety concern on Saskatchewan roads. (Bernardbodo/Adobe Stock)

REGINA (CP) — Saskatchewan Government Insurance says police handed out 1,290 tickets for distracted driving last month.

That’s 250 tickets more than the previous monthly high.

Of those violations, SGI says 1,148 were for using a cellphone behind the wheel, while the rest were for driving without due care and attention.

SGI says distracted driving is the leading safety concern on Saskatchewan roads.

It was blamed for 22 deaths and nearly 800 injuries in last year.


Fines are to shoot up in February with a first offence starting at $580, plus four demerits, and repeat offences resulting in vehicle impoundments.

The current fine is $280 and four demerits.

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