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Rescue operation airlifts injured firefighter from Fundy National Park

All-terrain vehicle flips over on volunteer worker in N.B. park

ALMA, N.B. (The Canadian Press) — A volunteer firefighter, injured in an ATV accident in Fundy National Park in southeastern New Brunswick, has been airlifted to receive medical attention in Moncton.

Capt. Marc Greatti at the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Halifax says Parks Canada contacted the centre early Friday to say that someone had flipped an all-terrain vehicle in the park and was injured.

Parks Canada said in a statement Friday the accident happened during a search for a woman who called for help after becoming “disoriented” along a trail in the park.

“Parks Canada immediately took action and organized a search and rescue in cooperation with the local volunteer fire department,” the statement said. The woman was found uninjured and taken to safety, but during the rescue effort, a firefighter’s ATV flipped over.

Greatti says a helicopter was dispatched from Canadian Forces Base Greenwood in Nova Scotia to assist in finding the person and transporting them to hospital.

He said the injured person was flown to a waiting ambulance at the Moncton airport.

Parks Canada said the injured person is in stable condition.

“While this was an unfortunate incident, it is a rare occurrence,” the Parks Canada statement said. “As with all safety incidents, Parks Canada will review and take any lessons learned into account for future operations.”

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