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Report accuses WSIB of interfering with medical professionals’ opinions

Board allegedly ignores diagnoses of injured workers' doctors to cut costs

(Canadian OH&S News) — A new joint report from the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) and the Ontario Network of Injured Workers’ Groups has claimed that the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), Ontario’s workers’ compensation authority, has been ignoring the recommendations of medical professionals in order to close injured workers’ cases.

Released on Nov. 5, Prescription Over-Ruled: Report on How Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Systematically Ignores the Advice of Medical Professionals accused the WSIB of focusing more on clearing its caseload than on helping injured workers. The 16-page report was compiled with the assistance of more than 20 doctors who had decided to speak out about what they saw as the WSIB’s questionable practices.

“When an adjudicator doesn’t agree with what a family physician says, then they send it out for what we call a ‘paper doctor’ assessment,” explained OFL secretary-treasurer Nancy Hutchison, the report’s lead author. “So they’ll send it out to one of their consultants to do a second and third opinion on what the family physician and/or specialist is saying, and of course, nine times out of 10, it will come back differently.

“This really launches the injured worker into a greater sense of despair, because often, they are cut off based on the paper doctor’s new assessment of the claim,” continued Hutchison. “So the family physicians and specialists, who have cared for injured workers, sometimes for decades, are overruled by these ‘paper doctors’ who really just take a look at the file, and they’re on the payroll of the WSIB.”

The report also included the stories of four anonymous injured workers who had shared their experiences. It concluded with five recommendations: a formal investigation into the WSIB’s approach to medical advice; publication of statistics on how often injured workers’ health providers’ advice is ignored; a protocol for deadlines on healthcare workers’ medical decisions; the elimination of “paper doctors” who never even meet the patients; and proper weight attributed to injured workers’ own personal doctors.


Although the WSIB declined to comment directly to COHSN, it did send out a news release in response to Prescription Over-Ruled on Nov. 5.

“The OFL report was not shared or discussed with the WSIB in advance, but we would be happy to review any files that they would like to bring to our attention,” the organization stated. “The WSIB values the relationships it has with thousands of healthcare practitioners across the province and relies on their professionalism and expertise.”

The WSIB also cited two recent studies by the Institute for Work and Health, which had concluded that the organization helped to keep injured workers out of poverty. “The WSIB may refer a case for an external expert medical review to assist our staff in understanding the available medical information, diagnosis and treatment plan,” said the WSIB. “A phone discussion with the worker’s treating physician often occurs to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the medical findings and recommendations.”

But Sudbury psychologist Dr. Keith Klassen, who had assisted with the report, said that the WSIB had made a regular practice out of ignoring medical opinions. “That’s the way they operate. They just sort of ignore it and do what they want,” he told COHSN.

“I’ve had cases where I’ve said that someone is unable to work, and they clearly can’t work, and a return-to-work plan would be detrimental to their health,” he added, “and they go ahead and call them up and say, ‘We want to start a return-to-work plan for you in a couple months.’”

Dr. Klassen speculated that the WSIB was trying to cut costs. “Five years ago, they had a huge multibillion-dollar deficit, and that has been reduced over the past years,” he said.

“If you cut enough people off benefits, it will reduce costs,” agreed Hutchison.

The WSIB’s alleged dismissal of workers’ healthcare professionals previously made headlines over the summer, when Hamilton doctor Brenda Steinnagel filed a lawsuit against the organization and her former employer, claiming that she had been pressured to change her medical opinion of a client (COHSN, Sept. 29).

“We’ve got a real problem at the WSIB,” said Hutchison. “We want a public system that works.”

Prescription Over-Ruled is available online at http://ofl.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015.11.05-Report-WSIB.pdf.

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9 Comments » for Report accuses WSIB of interfering with medical professionals’ opinions
  1. V. Moore says:

    After six back surgeries and doctors filing reports, we had to hire a lawyer for my son to get minimal benefits. They put him through hell for years. As parents, they put us through hell as well. It was unbelievable what they did. I would pay to see the people who orchestrated this pay for their callous actions.

  2. dennis ruff says:

    I have exactly that problem with WSIB. Their specialist and my doctor said no more mining, no vibration wet or cold environment, I have 3 different things wrong with my hands and feet, and to top it off, I have muscoskeletal problems all from excessive vibration. Eight months of running around — can’t get much help. The Ontario workers’ advisors are so busy with WSIB cases they put me on a two-month waiting list.

  3. Glenn says:

    WSIB would never do such a thing….

  4. William Barnes says:

    Hello, I have been in receipt of a Federal CPP Disability Pension since November 1994. To date, I have only received 38 days’ wages for two work-related accidents on May 7, 1981, and May 22, 1984. I have found what appears to be fradulent medical documents in my WCB/WSIB, WCAT/WSIAT files. One of the documents has had the doctor’s diagnosis, signature, nurses’ signature and hospital stamp removed! Another document has the date of injury changed! After calling the previous Ontario Premiers’ riding office and explaining this horiffic find, I was told my only recourse was to call the police! I wish to have my retroactive and future lifetime WSIB/WSIAT Settelment Wages asap or I will have no other choice but to sue them in the Supreme Court Of Canada. I have sent emails/tweets to both Premier Kathleen Wynne and Prime Justin Trudeau, and have not gotten a response. I have been living well below the poverty level over half of my life, borrowing off family and friends just to survive. If the federal government found me to be permanently disabled in 1984, then why has the Ontario Provincial Government NOT?

  5. Tammy Lehtinen says:

    I deeply commend the medical professionals that are coming forward to expose this corrupt agency.

  6. Terrance says:

    The problem lies with cheaters. A single worker who cheats the system raises skepticism levels for their adjudicator, who then will be a little more cautious the next time around. It’s only human nature, and a person can only be burnt so many times until they become jaded. Since workers don’t pay into the system, there is zero accountability, so it’s the companies who suffer and become jaded too. Since companies pay the bills, there is a lot of incentive to lobby policy, to fund investigations and even to allocate resources into building an adjudication case. It comes to a point where honest injuries are scrutinized by all parties and a tonne of resources are placed into ensuring the worker has an air tight case in proving their injury. If the system was built similar to that of New Zealand’s, these problems wouldn’t exist.

    • Kim says:

      you can blame the cheaters all you want, but when the system starts to punish the injured workers because of something someone else did, that is simply passing the economic loss onto “their very own victims” – injured worker-

      you sound like another typical insurance company crying that you need higher profit margins for your investors, and how terribly unfair it is for you to suffer the loss, that benefits should be removed from those really needing it in order to balance your own losses.

      I thought it was about health and responsibilities…..
      what a joke.

  7. Sheila says:

    So sad that WSIB makes their decision based on talking to the worker/patient over the phone. WSIB doesn’t give a S#*£ what the doctors/surgeon has to say as far as how long the patient needs to be off work. WSIB doesn’t even send out their own doctor to see how the patient is doing. It’s all about the money and they don’t care about the person at all!!!!!

  8. Chris says:

    Sadly this is still happening 5 years later. Why is the government not addressing this… “We all have a right to come home safe is utter BS” and the smoke and mirrors of a safety net has already been proven as a farce.

    I was in an accident in 2015 and have been fighting for 5 years now despite having 15 different professionals and a specialist stating I can’t work. WSIB has gone as far as discrediting all of them as well as their own specialist with paper Drs I have never met, spoken to, nor have th eye even contacted any of the professionals I have seen for medical information. I have sent and resent my medical documents countless times, all take weeks via snail mail, only to be told my case manager changed again. It took me 1 year of being bounced around from case manager to case manager, only for them to deny being my case manager and sending back to the very first case manager. (At which point she said “I don’t want to waste your time” and sent me to ARO instead of having a conversation with me)

    I have been denied 5 times by a paper Drs. One Case manager decided to add insult to injury by justifying a denial, for 2015 benefits because I missed a follow up appointment in 2018 (that I setup myself and the notes of the social worker stated “no follow up required”), by saying “You abandoned your treatment like you abandoned your job.”

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