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AlphaTec™ HI VIZ™ Coverall 66-687
by Ansell

Chemical industry workers need a tough splash protective suit that not only provides an excellent chemical barrier, but maintains all-day breathable comfort. AlphaTec™ HI-VIZ™ Coverall 66-687 features a lightweight, breathable fabric that wicks moisture away from the body. By allowing sweat to evaporate, workers are at a decreased risk of heat stress and are able to remain comfortable during long shifts. This highly durable garment can be safely washed without compromising protection.

AlphaTec™ HI-VIZ™ Coverall 66-687 combines outstanding comfort with advanced chemical protective and high visibility properties for everyday industrial work. The suit offers liquid chemical splash protection with breathable fabric, which maximizes comfort, reduces the risk of heat stress and increases productivity. It not only provides high durability and long lasting use, but its high visibility properties are the best way to protect workers when visibility is compromised.

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