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WaveCel hard hat designed to give workers protection against traumatic brain injury

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September 30, 2022
By OHS Canada

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WaveCel T2+ PRO

WaveCel has released a new line of hard hards designed to protect workers against against traumatic brain injury (TBI). One of the leading workplace injuries as a result of slips, falls and strikes to the head by falling or moving objects.

WaveCel is a spatial cellular structure that lines the inside of the hard hat and is made from a collapsible material that absorbs energy from a head impact in multiple ways. The WaveCel hard hat is designed for various industries, including construction, engineering, manufacturing, aerospace, mining, gas, oil and forestry.

WaveCel first debuted in the sports industry in Treks cycling helmets and Burton ski and snowboard helmets. In sport helmets, WaveCel has been proven to absorb up to 73 per cent more rotational force caused from a blow to the head and can reduce the predicted risk of a concussion by up to 98 per cent, according to the manufacturer.

“For over 15-years our team has been dedicated to chasing the safest head protection, especially since there has been little to no advancement made to hard hat technology in five decades,” said Dr. Michael Bottlang, WaveCel co-founder and biomechanical engineer. “The WaveCel hard hat has been meticulously tested and strategically designed to ensure an increase in safety of employees working in environments where risk of TBI is high.”

Key features include:

Low profile: The dome is about one inch lower than that of a standard hard hat. The WaveCel liner eliminates the need for a tall air space at the crown that traditional hard hats need to absorb impacts.

360-degree protection: The WaveCel dome lines the entire shell, crown and sides, which is critical to provide Type II level protection from lateral and crown impacts. Both models are also designed with a full brim to offer even more protection from all sides.

Light weight: All WaveCel hard hats weigh less than 500g for all-day comfort.

Breathable: WaveCel is porous, allowing air to circulate freely through 93 per cent of the WaveCel dome. This unique structure keeps workers cooler while on the job.

Comfort liner: The WaveCel dome and headband is lined with a soft foam and moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial microfiber textile to keep workers’ heads comfortable and dry.

Accessories: To suit workers’ needs, the hard hats feature rails and slots that universally integrate third party accessories such as headlamps, face shields, earmuffs, and pen holders.

Chin Strap: The optional four-point chin strap is made of soft nylon fabric and has a magnetic buckle that securely locks and releases with a single-handed “snap” motion.

360 Fit System: The system circumferentially cradles the head and comfortably adjusts to all sizes with an oversized dial that is easy to grip with gloves.

Customizable: The hard hats can be customized with graphics on the front or side and are available in three standard colors: white, black, and blue as well as two high-visibility colors: yellow and orange.

WaveCel hard hats are Type II certified according to standard ANSI Z87.1 (USA). The new WaveCel hard hats, the WaveCel T2+ PRO and the WaveCel T2+ MAX, will be available for purchase on WaveCel.com and at launch from TPR Industrial.

WaveCel products will begin shipping between Q2 and Q3 of 2022 with prices ranging from $169-$189 US. Pre-orders are now being accepted at www.WaveCel.com and www.TPRindustrial.com.

For more information visit WaveCel.com


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