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Thermo Eberline Introduces the New FH 41 B Radiation MeterTwo Full Sized Instruments in One Hand Held Device

September 10, 2002

Health & Safety

SANTA FE, NM (June 14, 2002) Thermo Eberline, a Thermo Electron business (NYSE:TMO) and leading manufacturer of radiation detection instrumentation, introduces the new FH 41 B multi purpose radiation meter and data logger. The FH 41 B is designed to operate as both a stand-alone area monitor or as a fast responding personal survey meter. One button operation allows easy switching from the area monitoring mode to the survey meter mode in the event of an alarm.

The FH 41 B personal area monitor feature reacts immediately in the presence of a radiation field and records the amount of radiation encountered. The FH 41 B has self-diagnostics that eliminate maintenance and continuous operation for 1 year on one 9-Volt battery. Ideal for radiological security survey and control of roadways, storage areas, bank vaults, public landfills, public events and areas, transport vehicles, buildings and incident scenes.

Complete, Application-Specific Solutions:

A first responder would use the FH 41 B for personal protection against an unexpected source of radiation.
The Police Department would use the FH 41 B in their squad cars to alert them if a suspect entering the car has accidental or intentional radiation contamination.
An airline would use the FH 41 B mounted near the passenger doors to double check that no dirty bomb components enter the plane and/or mounted in the cockpit to alarm when they are exposed to unusually high doses of cosmic rays.
Major companies would use the FH 41 B in a storage room to ensure no packages with unmarked radiation are brought in.

Key Product Features:

Area monitor and survey meter in a single rugged unit
Datalogging up to 1,600 points
Alarms for dose and dose rate
No threat of saturation at high radiation levels
Small size (2.24 x 1.26 x 4.5 inches) and convenient to carry
Internal data memory for analysis of Incidents (“Black Box”)
Weighs only 9 oz
Thermo Eberline is the leader in the design and manufacture of radiation detection instrumentation. Our diversified product line covers everything from simple hand-held Geiger counters up to complex integrated digital radiation monitoring systems installed at major nuclear facilities around the world.

Thermo Electron Corporation is a global leader in providing technology-based instruments, components, and systems that offer total solutions for markets ranging from life sciences to telecommunications to food, drug, and beverage production. The companys powerful technologies help researchers sift through data to make discoveries that will fight disease or prolong life. They allow manufacturers to fabricate critical components required to increase the speed and quality of communications. And they automatically monitor and control online production to ensure that quality standards are met safely and efficiently. Themo Electron, based in Waltham, Massachusetts, reported $2.3 billion in revenues in 2000 and employs approximately 12,000 people worldwide. For more information on Thermo Electron, visit http://www.thermo.com.


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