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The VENTFLOWTM Alarm SystemDesigned specifically to meet the new Ontario Confined Space Ventilation Regulation

April 19, 2007

Health & Safety

Air Systems has developed the VentFlowTM alarm system designed specifically to meet the Ontario Confined Space Regulation. The VentFlowTM alarm is operated on twin 9-volt batteries and is not dependent on the blowers electrical supply for power.

The VentFlowTM alarm will attach to ANY 8 diameter ventilation duct. If the blower fails, or the duct becomes blocked or crushed before or after the alarm, audible and visual alarms activate warning the worker of reduced or no flow within the ventilation system.

For Additional Information Regarding the New Confined Space Ontario Regulation 632/05, please visit http://www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/DBLaws/Regs/English/050632_e.htm or contact Air Systems International 1-800-866-8100


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