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The future of high visibility clothing

May 11, 2005

Health & Safety

Montreal, QC 2005 North-Brite, from North Safety Products employs the most recent prismatic technology that performs at more than twice the CSA standard of 330 candlepower 700 candlepower.

JF Ouellette, Product Manager Protective Clothing and Traffic Safety Products said, workers who wear low-end products that have low daylight conspicuity and below standard nighttime reflectivity, with less than 150 candlepower are at significant risk. We wanted to exceed the standard with a product that maintained its performance when the angle of view increased because some of the garments being worn today lose performance in this instance. There is also a big issue with wearing clothing in the rain, as many reflective products lose 50 % – 70% of its reflective performance when wet.

North-Brite uses prismatic technology that addresses the main concerns that contribute substantially to a companys due diligence. The wearer is conspicuous from great distances and the high reflectivity increases reaction time for drivers. The North-Brite material that is used on North traffic vests and protective clothing can be seen, regardless of how the wearer is standing. Its performance is not affected by rain, so it really represents the future of high visibility clothing in Canada.


North Safety Products, one of the worlds largest manufacturers of occupational health and safety products, offers a full range of quality personal protection equipment, including head, hearing, eye/face, respiratory, hand and fall protection, lockout/tagout, protective footwear and clothing, first aid, controlled environment, safety signage and traffic safety products.


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