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July 9, 2004

Health & Safety

— NIOSH-Certified Unit Features Stealth Design for Police SWAT Teams

Smithfield, RI — Survivair, a Bacou-Dalloz company, has introduced a new NIOSH-certified self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) designed for law enforcement personnel involved in covert operations. The Survivair(r) Commando(tm) meets the demands of special force units who need respiratory protection against environments that are immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH), but do not require the performance of an NFPA-compliant SCBA.

The design was developed in direct response to requests by police departments and SWAT teams, who need to wear SCBAs for certain operations–such as entering a methamphetamine laboratory–but want to remain as inconspicuous as possible. Thus, the new Commando is all black and silent. It features a black harness, black facepiece, black cylinder, and has no audible alarm, but a Heads-Up Display (HUD) only. There is even an optional black Nomex/Kevlar shroud that encloses the cylinder and first stage assembly.

Based on the proven design of Survivair’s Cougar SCBA, the Commando eliminates a number of costly but unnecessary features of firefighting SCBAs, yet assures maximum safety and comfort. A five-strap head harness and skirt incorporates a durable silicone rubber facepiece that won’t oxidize or react with ozone, and an easily removable exhalation valve.

The first stage regulator is designed with minimal moving parts and attaches directly to the cylinder valve, eliminating the need for a high pressure hose. It also features a large CGA handwheel for fast and easy cylinder replacement. The housing, cover, main valve seat, and bypass knob of the second-stage regulator are all constructed with specially developed materials that make the regulator strong enough to withstand a 30-foot drop onto solid concrete.

The Survivair Commando comes standard with 30-, 45-, or 60-minute carbon cylinders, and the MIGHTY-LIGHT(r) backpack with hinged hip wings for stability, a hose attachment block, and a fabric tank band with spring-loaded catch for quick and easy cylinder changes. Other features include a waist strap equipped with belt-mounted regulator holder, and a front-release automotive-style metal buckle.

Survivair, a division of Bacou-Dalloz, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of world-class respiratory protection equipment, protecting firefighters from smoke, fumes and toxic gases, and offering respiratory protection from airborne workplace hazards since 1961. For more than four decades, Survivair has manufactured self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), air purifying respirators (APR), supplied air respirators (SAR), and powered air purifying respirators (PAPR). In 1997, Survivair was acquired by Bacou USA, Inc., which joined with Dalloz in 2001 to form the world’s largest personal protection safety equipment company. Bacou-Dalloz provides head-to-toe protection through their core businesses: respiratory protection (gas detectors and respirators); eye and face protection (safety eyewear, laser protection and eyewash products); hearing protection (helmets, earmuffs and earplugs); fall protection (harnesses, lanyards, lifelines and fall arrest systems); and body protection (gloves, apparel and shoes).

For additional product information, contact:
3001 South Susan St.
Santa Ana, CA 92704
Tel: 888-APR-SCBA or +1 714-545-0410
Fax: 714-850-0299
Website: www.survivair.com
Email: scba@survivair.com

The Survivair Commando(tm) NIOSH-certified self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) meets the demands of special force units involved in covert operations. All black and silent, the Commando features a black harness, facepiece, and cylinder, and has no audible alarm, but a Heads-Up Display (HUD) only.

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