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Stay Compliant, Safe and Sustainable Through CSA Pipeline , Environment and GHG Training

June 5, 2014

Health & Safety

Employees of organizations in Alberta, British Columbiaand Saskatchewanwhich design, construction and maintain Canada’s pipeline systems must be properly trained to stay safe and compliant on the work site with the Z662 pipeline standard . Additionally, these organizations need training on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting to prepare for the eventuality of mandatory reporting, with its more rigorous reporting and auditing process. To meet these needs, CSA Group – a leader in standards development and standards-based training — offers the following comprehensive training programs:


CSA Z662 – Oil & Gas Pipeline Systems Training

Intimate knowledge and familiarity of the requirements of CSA Z662 is a critical element in the safe design, construction and maintenance of pipeline systems inCanada. These training programs have been updated to reflect the most current requirements of the CSA Z662 standard and can help your organization in implementation and management of key aspects of the standard.

  • Z662 Pipeline Systems Essentials – 2 Days

Provides the essential knowledge base for the scope, definitions and application of CSA Z662-11 principles.

  • Z662 Pipeline Design and Management Systems Comprehensive – 3 Days

Combines foundation of Z662 Pipeline Systems Essentials course with added focus of design management as it relates to construction and quality assurance.

  • Process Piping – Based on CSA B51/ASME B31.3 – 2 Days

Provides an overview of the pressure piping Codes, and the basic application of each. Learn about the new code clauses, proper application of tables & annexes, and the application of reference documents.



Environmental and GHG Emissions Training & Certification

Many oil and gas companies have a mandated regulatory and corporate responsibility to calculate and report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. To assist with these reporting requirements, CSA Group offers training and management strategies to address environmental issues and enhance corporate image. Knowing how to measure, monitor, manage and reduce GHG emissions and the environmental impact of oil and gas operations carries with it positive economic and social benefits. Let us help you meet your organization’s environmental goals!

  • GHG Training

Helps you identify a trusted third-party who can help measure, reduce, verify and validate your claims.


  • Measuring Your Organization’s Carbon Footprint ISO 14064-1 Essentials – GHG Inventories

       Learn how to quantify and manage your organization’s GHG emissions.


  • Reducing Your Organizations Environmental Impact: ISO 14064-2 Essentials – GHG Projects

       Learn how to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint through GHG projects.


  • Greenhouse Gas Verification Using ISO 14064-3

       Find out how to verify a GHG assertion against criteria based on ISO 14064-3. Add 14001 Essentials here


  • Personnel Certification

Assesses and confirms your employees’ abilities in verifying, quantifying and reporting GHG claims.


  • GHG Verifier Personnel Certification Program

Confirms that the applicant has the basic knowledge, skills and abilities to work in the role of a GHG verifier.


  • GHG Inventory Quantifier Certification

Assesses professionals responsible for corporate or facility-based GHG inventory development, quantification and reporting.



To learn more about CSA Group’s training programs, visit shop.csa.ca.


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