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August 30, 2005

Safe, Waterproof, and ComfortableWithout Compromise!

Forestry workers often find themselves in unique and difficult situations on the job. Thats why they need work boots that can stand up to anything. With the dangers posed by roaring chainsaws, hazardous jobsites, and changing weather conditions, wearing a high-performance boot is essential. Products currently on the market meet some of the needs of forestry workers, but no one boot has been able to do it alluntil now.

With its innovative spirit and desire for continual improvement, L.P. Royer Inc. is focused on forestry workers needs. To design the ideal forestry work boot, L.P. Royer Inc. a company with more than 70 years of experience in making safety footwear combined the expertise of its research and development team with the know-how of representatives from the forestry industry. Professional loggers, health and safety coordinators, forestry inspectors, and forestry equipment distributors all contributed to the development of the new boot.

As a hybrid, the boot combines the safety, support, durability, and comfort of leather boots with the waterproof features of rubber boots. These features directly address the real concerns of forestry workers while providing greater protection against chainsaw-related injuries. Meet new CSA standard against chain saw cutting.

The following unique features are your reward when you choose L.P. Royers new hybrid boot:

 A microporous waterproof membrane gives the boot its waterproof feature and frees forestry workers from having to switch from leather to rubber boots in wet conditions
 A more resistant protective nylon coating greatly enhances safety by stopping chainsaw movement and reducing the risk of injury, meet new CSA Z195-02 standard.

 The bright orange color means the wearer is always highly visible and less prone to mishaps

 A nylon/leather upper and double leather backstay improves durability

 A rubber track sole resists oils and greases and also provides better grip in hazardous terrain for added safety

Safe, waterproof, and comfortablethe new ROYER hybrid boot has everything forestry workers need.

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