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RAE Systems Selects Ember to Deliver Mesh Networks for Wireless Sensing Solutions in Ocean Shipping Containers

October 21, 2003

Health & Safety

SUNNYVALE, Calif. and BOSTON, Mass- October 21, 2003 -RAE Systems Inc. (AMEX: RAE), a leading provider of hazardous environment detection solutions for homeland defense, today announced the selection of Ember Corporation, a leader in wireless networking solutions, to provide an embedded mesh networking topology to extend RAE Systems’ ad hoc deployable sensing networks for intermodal ocean shipping containers. The companies will demonstrate a prototype of this multi-parametric sensing solution at the U.S. Maritime Security Expo in New York, October 29-30, 2003.

“RAE Systems monitors the integrity of ocean shipping containers by adding a mix of radiation sensors, toxic chemical sensors and intrusion detectors,” said Robert Chen, CEO of RAE Systems. “With the addition of Ember’s mesh networking we are able to integrate the signals from multiple sensors to increase the detection capability of a potential breach of the container.”

RAE Systems’ hazardous environment sensors and rapidly deployable ad hoc networks are used by first responders, armed forces, government agencies and private industry in all 50 states and in more than 40 countries around the world. Ember’s embedded radio chips, EmberNet(tm) networking software, and network management tools use a flexible mesh routing algorithm, creating extremely resilient, self-organizing and self-healing networks, with very low power requirements and no single point of failure. Ember-enabled devices automatically route traffic around the typical interference found in difficult radio conditions, resulting in increased flexibility in deployment, maintenance and operation.

“The combination of Ember’s intelligent wireless capabilities with RAE Systems sensors creates a powerful, robust solution for critical homeland defense sensing networks, whether in container shipping, battlefield situations, fenceline monitoring, or public venue protection,” said Jeff Grammer, CEO of Ember. “In these harsh RF settings, networks and sensors provide critical information. Ember’s low power, resilient design provides a fault-tolerant topology that ensures that sensor data flows as intended, even in volatile, difficult environments.”

For more information, please call RAE Systems at 408-752-0723 or Ember at 617-951-0200.

About RAE Systems

RAE Systems Inc. is the leader in rapidly deployable sensing networks for homeland defense and a leading manufacturer of portable, wireless and fixed atmospheric monitors, photo-ionization detectors, radiation detectors, gas detection tubes, sampling pumps and security monitoring devices. The company’s customers use RAE Systems products to monitor gas and other volatile organic compounds in confined spaces, to establish a perimeter security around hazardous material sites and to detect the illicit traffic of radioactive materials.

RAE Systems’ customers operate in such industries as safety and security, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, utilities, food, chemical, airlines, military and hazardous material storage and disposal, and its monitors are used in civilian and government atmospheric monitoring programs in over 40 countries. For more information about RAE Systems, please visit www.RAESystems.com

About Ember Corporation
Ember removes the barriers to embedded networking. Ember’s self-organizing, self-healing, wireless mesh technology is uncompromisingly robust, easy to use, and flexible. The EmberNet networking platform gives forward-thinking companies the means to create products that do more by communicating better.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Ember Corporation is a privately held company with investments from Polaris Venture Partners, GrandBanks Capital, Dr. Robert Metcalfe, DFJ New England, Stata Venture Partners, RRE Ventures and DFJ ePlanet and is focused on enhancing sensing and control products through wireless connectivity for customers such as Sensitech and Tyco Thermal Controls. For more information, call 617-951-0200 or visit www.ember.com.


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