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Product Recall of GasBadge Plus Single Gas Monitors

January 31, 2012

Health & Safety

OAKDALE, PA (January 30, 2012)   Industrial Scientific Corporation has determined that the GasBadge Plus single gas instrument may not properly indicate a low battery condition resulting in a failure to alarm or instrument shut down. This condition is exacerbated when the instrument is used in temperatures below room temperature (72°F / 22°C).


As a result, for safety reasons, Industrial Scientific is issuing a recall of all current GasBadge Plus instruments (v2.2 and earlier; manufactured prior to February 2012 referred to as “Recalled GasBadge Plus Instruments”). The following part numbers are covered by this recall:



GasBadge® Plus – Carbon Monoxide 181000501, 181000501xx, IPLU501

GasBadge® Plus – Hydrogen Sulfide 181000502, 181000502xx, IPLU502

GasBadge® Plus – Oxygen 181000503, 181000503xx, IPLU503

GasBadge® Plus – Nitrogen Dioxide 181000504, 181000504xx, IPLU504

GasBadge® Plus – Sulfur Dioxide 181000505, 181000505xx, IPLU505

xx = optional alphanumeric designation


No other Industrial Scientific products are affected.

Industrial Scientific will exchange all Recalled GasBadge Plus Instruments free of charge with new GasBadge Plus v3.0 units that correct the low battery condition problem. Replacement instruments will include a warranty to cover any remaining warranty period of the Recalled GasBadge Plus Instruments. All customers should contact Industrial Scientific to arrange for the exchange of the Recalled GasBadge Plus Instruments as detailed below in this notice.



In some instances, when the Recalled GasBadge Plus Instrument detects a low battery condition, it will stop detecting gas, give a 10minute visual LED alarm only (which may go unnoticed when not worn within the field of vision), and then indicate “Call ISC” on the display. In other circumstances, the low battery condition is not detected by the instrument and as a result the instrument may not properly generate any alarm, (that is, there may be no audible, vibrating, or visual alarm) when the instrument detects a gas concentration greater than the set alarm level. To minimize the risk of this condition, prior to receiving replacement instruments, customers are instructed to take the following steps:


1) Prior to eac
h day’s use, all Recalled GasBadge Plus Instruments must be:

a. Bump tested with the instrument at the temperature in which it will be used; or

b. Bump tested at room temperature and then zeroed in fresh air at the temperature in which it will be used.

2) All GasBadge Plus users should wear the instrument only within their field of vision.


In addition to offering the standard exchange of the Recalled GasBadge Plus Instruments for new GasBadge Plus v3.0 units as described above, Industrial Scientific is also offering customers who may want to replace the Recalled GasBadge Plus Instruments with a nocharge upgrade to GasBadge® Pro Single Gas Instruments. Industrial Scientific will replace Recalled GasBadge Plus Instruments with the fullyfeatured GasBadge Pro single gas instruments with full datalogging, on/off capabilities, and a user replaceable battery. Replacement GasBadge Pro instruments will be covered for the remaining warranty period of the Recalled GasBadge Plus Instruments. GasBadge Plus accessories including calibration stations and docking stations can be exchanged for comparable GasBadge Pro accessories free of charge. Customers preferring this option should contact Industrial Scientific as detailed below in this notice.



iNet Customers: Industrial Scientific will contact all iNet customers to arrange for the exchange of Recalled GasBadge Plus Instruments. No action is required by these customers.


NoniNet Customers: NoniNet customers should complete the recall form found at www.indsci.com/gbplusrecall including all serial numbers for the Recalled GasBadge Plus Instruments to be exchanged/replaced.


Alternatively, customers can contact Industrial Scientific directly using the following contact email addresses and phone numbers:


North and South America & Australia: gbplusrecall@indsci.com,

+1 4127884353

+ 03 9644 7777 (Australia and New Zealand)

1800DETECTS (3383287) in North America only

EuropeMiddle EastAfrica region: gbplusrecall@indsci.com

+00 800WO

AsiaPacific region: gbplusrecall@ap.indsci.com

+86 21 5899 3279


Industrial Scientific Corporation strives to maintain the highest quality in our products, and we regret the inconvenience caused by this recall, but the safety of endusers is of primary concern to us. For more information, visit www.indsci.com/gbplusrecall.



Thomas C. Henson

Director, Product Management 


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