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May 11, 2005

Health & Safety

Montreal, QC 2005 The CA 101 (loose-fitting head gear) powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) consists of a lightweight blower unit fixed on a comfort belt, padded with 3 element filters. It is powered by a rechargeable, Nickel Metal Hydride (NMh) battery that will last for an eight-hour shift. The blower forces the contaminated air in the atmosphere to go through the 3 element filters, cartridges, HEPA filters or a combination directing the purified air into a hose connected to a dedicated respirator. The CA 102 is an alternate tight-fitting respirator style which employs a half or full facepiece, so you can use your existing North tight fitting air purifying respirator and connect it to the CA102 without the needs of any adaptor. It has modularity that no one else can offer !

PAPR offers a greater Assigned Protection Factor than most air purifying respirators. For example, a full face piece with cartridges has an APF of 100 ( if quantitatively fit tested), a PAPR full face piece has an APF of 1000. A half mask mounted on a PAPR offers an APF of 50 versus an APF of 10 has an APR. A loose fitting hood like our Primair will have an APF of 25, but with our Primair Plus, you get 1000.
Another advantage of loose fitting PAPR is there is no need for fit testing and workers wearing a beard can use a PAPR because the efficiency of a loose fitting PAPR doesnt rely on the fit between the mask and the skin. It relies on the volume of air pushed into the respirator. The minimum flow required by NIOSH is 6 cfm or 170 lpm. If the unit delivered more than 6 cfm or 170 lpm during your 8-hour shift, it means that workers are protected.

PAPR can be used in many applications. It is very popular for Asbestos abatement, but it is also an excellent respiratory product for many other applications such as lead exposure, silica dust, foundry, smelter, mining, pharmaceutical, laboratory. It is available with a full range of cartridges and HEPA filters.

Also available are;
– a rigid carrying case for a better protection of the unit when not in use

– loose fitting hood available in Tyvek Qc or Tyvek with Saranex coating for harsh environments, such as found in chemical plants

– peel-away lenses available for painters, or very dirty environments


North Safety Products, one of the worlds largest manufacturers of occupational health and safety products, offers a full range of quality personal protection equipment, including head, hearing, eye/face, respiratory, hand and fall protection, lockout/tagout, protective footwear and clothing, first aid, controlled environment, safety signage and traffic safety products.


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