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Optrel weldcap reinvents the welding helmet with radical, casual new design

July 24, 2014

Health & Safety

July 15, 2014, EAST GREENWICH, RHODE ISLAND – Optrel Inc., the global innovator of auto-darkening filter technology for welding helmets, has reinvented the welding helmet with a radical, casual new design: weldcap®. The new optrel weldcap combines the lightweight wear comfort of a baseball cap with the full protection of an autodarkening welding helmet. weldcap is soft where it needs to be comfortable, rigid where it needs to be tough — combined with an extensive field of view that expands a welder’s line of sight by 2.7 times. “We know that welders rank field of view and comfort as essential features in a welding helmet. The more comfortable the helmet, the more productive a welder can be. The wider the viewing area, the safer the welder can be,” said Renee S. Bessette, Vice President of Marketing and Operations. “weldcap raises the bar for the ultimate in wear comfort and protection. In our conversations with weldcap users, they are continually amazed by the field of vison they get in such a lightweight helmet.” weldcaptakes an innovative approach in its design to achieve this revolution in comfort and vision.

  • Revolutionary Wear Comfort – weldcap’s lightweight, flame-retardant textile is soft where it must be comfortable and its robust plastic is rigid where it must be tough, while meeting the ANSI Z87.1+ standard for impact resistance. Its sleek, flexible design enables users to access confined spaces without hindrance.
  • Lightweight Design – weldcap weighs less than 14 ounces and is lighter than most traditional welding helmets. Its snug baseball cap fit and a lens placed closer to the eyes allows weldcap to sit more comfortably on a welder’s head. This improves its overall stability and balance, eliminating unnecessary pressure and neck strain.
  • Extensive Field of View – At the heart of its technical innovation is weldcap’s optical unit, which features a well-defined nose cut out that places the lens closer to the eyes, enlarging the welder’s line of sight by 2.7 times. This increases the lateral and horizontal fields of view, improving welders’ overall performance and safety.

“weldcap users especially like wearing it for TIG welding because of its large viewing area and very quick flash transfers,” said Bessette. “They also like to wear it in high temperatures because air can circulate more freely inside the helmet and keep them cooler.” weldcap darkens from shade levels DIN 3/9-12, covering the majority of welding applications. weldcap is also ideal for grinding when set to shade level DIN 3.  weldcap retails for USD$189, and is now available through welding and personal protective equipment distributors in the United States and Canada.


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About Optrel Inc. Optrel Inc. is the global innovator of auto-darkening filter technology for welding helmets. Focused on worker safety, health, and productivity, optrel helmets and protective shields are used by welders and metalworkers worldwide who rely on smart technology to get the job done. optrel is headquartered in Wattwil, Switzerland, and maintains its North American operations in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. For more information, visi
t www.optrel.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/OptrelUSA.

Media Contact Renee S. Bessette Optrel Inc. Vice President of Marketing & Operations renee.bessette@optrel.com ph +1 401 398 7240


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