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Now — Relief For Those Suffering From Secondhand Snoring

November 9, 2004

Health & Safety

— New Good Night(tm) high tech earplugs block snoring, allow important sounds through
— Comfortable, no-roll design facilitates insertion, promotes restful sleep

Smithfield, RI — Ask anyone who sleeps with a snoring partner how they deal with the noise and you’re likely to get an earful. But while researchers have focused for years on controlling the causes of snoring, little help has been available for those who suffer from secondhand snoring–the sleep companions of snorers. Now, a new high tech earplug called Good Night(tm) promises much needed relief without the discomfort and “induced deafness” of traditional earplugs.

Made by Howard Leight, a leader in hearing protection, Good Night Snore Blocking Ear Plugs utilize an innovative new design and space age materials to block snoring sounds while allowing other important sounds, like alarm clocks, telephones and children’s voices, to pass through.

According to Ed Woo, Vice President R&D for Howard Leight, “Snoring affects 30% of the US adult population. Some 60% of males aged 40-65 snore on a regular basis, and 40% of females in the same age group also snore regularly. 73% of people who sleep with a snoring partner report losing sleep due to the noise. Studies have also shown that partners of snorers with Sleep Apnea (OSA) can lose as much as an hour of sleep per night, or a full night’s sleep per week.

“However,” Woo continued, “many of these long-suffering sleep partners have avoided using traditional noise-blocking earplugs because they fear they will not hear important sounds like their children calling or the telephone ringing, or because traditional plugs are uncomfortable. Good Night plugs are the first product to adequately address the needs of this group.”

“Snoring noise levels are not loud enough to damage hearing,” Woo added, “but secondhand snoring can be painfully disruptive.” Good Night Ear Plugs are uniquely designed to filter out snoring noises while allowing other sounds to pass through. Users report that while snoring noise is significantly reduced, they have no trouble hearing other important sounds, and hence, feel no anxiety when using the product.

Good Night Ear Plugs are also designed with user comfort in mind. Made of a soft foam with a smooth outer skin and small diameter, they readily fit even the smallest ear canals. This makes them particularly suitable for women, the most frequent victims of snoring. Also, unlike traditional foam earplugs, no rolling is required to insert Good Night Ear Plugs. A semi-rigid core allows users to simply push them into the ear canal where they are effective immediately and quickly become unnoticed.

Good Night Snore Blocking Ear Plugs are available at drug and food retailers nationwide, in the snoring products section. For additional information on Good Night Ear Plugs, visit www.goodnightearplugs.com.

Since 2001 Howard Leight has been a part of the Bacou-Dalloz Group. The Bacou-Dalloz Group is the world leader in the design, manufacturing and sale of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The company employs about 6,700 people and operates 48 production facilities. Bacou-Dalloz provides unmatched head-to-toe protection through three strategic business segments: head protection (eye, hearing and respiratory), body protection (gloves, clothes and shoes) and fall protection. Bacou-Dalloz offers a full product range aimed at the manufacturing, construction, telecommunications, medical, public services and other sectors. Its products are available from its distributor partners worldwide.

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